Let me break the dating GAME down for you women who are actually listening.
I’m about to give you the GAME.
Men need sex. Now that you know this, you know that YOU control the market. You control your vagina, how you market it and WHO you give access to it.
If I told you to sell your vagina at $10,000 a pop that would eliminate most men, and only leave men who can actually afford to take care of you. That’s called prostitution to people because it’s up front, without you allowing any of your time to be wasted. (short term)
So instead this is how you do it. You meet a man. You can be Payless or Louis Vuitton.
For some girls a man will take her to Popeyes, tell her she’s cute, call her for a week straight, take her out to TGIF for a night, pine her with drinks so she gets loose, then she feels free to have sex with him. That’s crumbs.
What you do is be Louis Vuitton and not let a man have sex with you until he’s invested a large amount of time and money into you PLUS given you his last name. THEN HE CAN PHUCK and you are not called a hoe.
You are called a WIFE at that point. (long term)
Men will marry lots of women, but if he actually had to PROVIDE FOR HIS WIFE, most men wouldn’t be married to their wife, because he doesn’t actually VALUE her like that.
Women who are FULLY LOVED are married, protected and provided for. But most of society is going to tell you that you’re not worthy and to settle for less.
To that I tell you look around at every woman with kids with no husband. The internet and this information wasn’t around for a lot of older women to access back in the day. So they didn’t know.
Of course men want you cheaper so they can afford you. But men who don’t invest aren’t really feeling you.
Life is a game of BUSINESS. You are in the business of TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF and USING YOUR TIME WISELY.
Value your body and don’t just share it with men who have no vested interest in you.
It says in the bible that a Proverbs 31 woman makes ALL OF HER TRADES PROFITABLE.
The secret is high value PROVIDER men look at women who trade their time, energy and body for peanuts as silly and not that bright. It actually confuses them. That’s why so many good men are single. They can’t find a HIGH VALUE WOMAN.
The way you make more money in life is to become more valuable through the acquistion of knowledge that it’s put into ACTION.
May this post change the life of at least one woman.