How to Change Your Mindset From Obligation to Opportunity

With what’s going on in the world right now, it’s quite possible for many to wake up stressed out, overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and dreading how much work you’ll get done today.

That would be waking up with a negative mindset.   A positive, wealth conducive mindset is waking up excited, saying “I get to.

For me, each day is an exciting opportunity to wake up and see what I can experience and create today.  I literally look forward to what cool thing will happen that day, or what new knowledge I will learn. It’s been my daily routine for years.

This routine however starts at night, before you go to bed. Before you go to bed revision your day and see things that didn’t go your way, as if they did go your way.  Then imagine the next day going your way.

For introverts and empaths, it’s also best that you spend a decreased amount of time, reading people’s social media posts. They all basically say the same thing.   It’s a world wide epidemic and although we understand, the anxiety can cause severe stress to the system of an empath, because you take on the emotions around you.  So if you’re noticing you’re feeling drained, that is why. You are confusing the weight of the world, for your own inner feelings.

This is truly a time to do something to build your brand/company.   Write a short ebook.  Sell 200 copies for $19.99. That’s $4,000 of play money, and a product to add to your brand.

In order to transmute the negativity, look for the good in every situation.  

This is Good Because

This is good because” “I Get To” is a really dope combination.  It completely changes your focus point.

What do you get to do this week? How can you use this time to your advantage?  How does this situation benefit you?

Dig deep and look for good reasons to focus on a positive aspect.

When you’re not doing what you would like to do, it is often due to being stuck in a negative mindset that repeats itself every morning.

I find that starting with 1-3 tasks that you will complete that day moves you out of overwhelm. Doing THE WORK, and completing tasks not only causes you to feel good about yourself, as if you’re accomplished, but it also gives you more expansive ideas for creativity.

Life is all of what you make it.   I would suggest you buckle down, set goals, and have a daily strategy to make them happen.  Negative feelings and emotions are a sign that you are going the wrong way in thought.

If you need a day or two to yourself, to recalibrate your energy base, be sure to take it.

Self care is just as important as work.  The two go hand in hand.  The better you feel, the better work you’ll do and the better you  are able to show up in the world, and fill it with love & light.

I Get To

What are 3 things that you GET TO DO today?

Remember everything is happening FOR you, not to you.  See things going in your favor.

A week from now your life will be in a better place.