Sacred Soul Alignment Healing Session


1 Hour – Healing, Strategy & Alignment Session



Kissy DeniseLeading high-performing women and men into expansive alignment to manifest  joy, healing, freedom, prosperity, and impact, by living in flow.
Are you ready to step into the next version of you, on your path to ascension enlightenment and meeting your highest self? Have you downloaded every freebie, watched several masterclasses, hired a few coaches and still no breakthrough?
If you answered yes to any of the  above questions, you need to schedule a healing session. A session starts with having a discussion about what you are experiencing in life and what you want to experience MORE of. The energy healing session is a very divine approach to release and clear out your energy fields of any blocks you may be experiencing. I use different tools to cleanse and clear your energy field. I also use my intuition and tap into source to receive divine downloads for you,  during the sessions. Once we are done releasing, we bring LOVE and LIGHT into your energy fields and into your physical body. 

You’re abundant. You already know you’re called for more. You’re already doing it. You’re walking into your purpose. The idea of having more out of life turns you on just as much as sex. You’re already living your best life, but you know it gets better… Better if you could just get past that block.  You smash through everything. You study with unquenchable hunger. You’re good at everything you do. But there’s this block you just can’t seem to get through    Do you look around at your life and feel like something is missing?
What you need is alignment of your soul goals.  Sit down with Kissy for a power hour where she will help you gain clarity on your next steps whether it’s to build a 7 figure life of abundance or to take your 7 Figure empire to the next level. Kissy is the go to spiritual guide when it comes to helping high performers, millionaires, high ticket spiritual coaches and celebrities remove the blocks that are holding you back from walking into your highest self. 

You came here to fulfill your soul’s purpose. You are here to share your magnificent gifts with the world. You are here to bring light and shift the world in your own special way. 

During the session we:

  • Connect with divine spirit to provide clarity on your spiritual gifts and soul goals.. Download a juicy, divine business or personal strategy to manifest rapid achievement of your mission.
  • Instantly give your more confidence than you've had in your entire life, realign you with the juicy, sexy, fully lit up presence of complete wholeness that only comes when your energetic frequency is in alignment with the highest accords of the universe.
  • Download a juicy, divine business or personal strategy to manifest rapid achievement of your mission. Give you clarity on your next steps.
  • Healing from guilt, anger, lack of fulfillment and old childhood wounds that hold you back. We will rewrite your storyline.
  • Tapping into your intuitive soul’s gifts, strategic brand, and marketing guidance. We do all of this because it is in alignment with who you are!
  • Strategic and Soulful Brand Acceleration that gets you seen, heard and loved.
  • Resulting in an immediate energetic shift that puts you in alignment with your highest self. #Breakthrough!



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