How many times have you found yourself, sitting alone in your room, when your conscious calls and tells you that you need love?

That you need a woman as sweet as a pearl or a man whose is wise, kind and handsome as  you’ve always imagined.. How any times have you told yourself that you need love?

You feel you need love.  You meet someone, then it seems like it just might go right. But it quickly fizzles out.  You get frustrated. Sometimes it seems like love is fleeting.

Then you get up and go at it again. After all you gotta keep the dream alive.  You go about your day, for maybe a few months… People pop up, but you’re super picky. They just won’t do. They like you. They may even be cute, just how you like it. But they’re missing something. Something inner that you know you need, and it’s absolutely a must and a requirement, cause you didn’t come to settle for anything less than the best.

A few more months go by and you meet someone. They catch your eye, or you’re simply having a cool conversation that seems to transpire into something.  Then boom, the feelings of love start to come over you.

Panic sets in.

I mean it’s totally not the right time.

You have soooooo much work to do.

This person isn’t perfect, there are some minute things that don’t line up with your perfect list. So they just couldn’t be the one you say.

This person has this many kids.

They are this age.

Little things or maybe major things, that maybe aren’t really a big deal at all, start standing out to you.

After all, this time you decided to go all in. It just like has to match up perfectly this time.

Your heart start beating fast. You feel like a child again. This person lights you up. 

You really like them. You even imagine the perfect life together with them. 

But you’re scared that you’re making a bad decision again. You don’t know if you’re capable of making the right decision. You don’t trust yourself.

So now you start acting funny, doing little things, giving off little signs of confusion.  The other person is just confused and scared as you. So now they read your confused signs as you not liking them, and they back up too.

So now you’re two people with these feelings. 

Neither are discussing their emotions and what’s going on, for fear that it will scare the other person and make them feel like the other isn’t interested. So both carry on conversations with the other in their own minds, answer their own questions, and come to conclusions that aren’t even real. 

Distance comes, walls go up.

Two people are stuck in time. Love that could’ve been has been chomped away by fear.

Yet you both said that you were ready for love.

The thing is, no matter what we say, we truly anticipate everything being perfect. We’re afraid to get hurt. So we move with caution. We are told to love people as they are, so we stop volunteering facts and tips that would help people become better mates. Cause you finally learned your lesson about fixing people.  So now this person is in front of you needing healing, and you decided to stop being the healer….. Because being the healer has never worked out for you in the past. 

Now you see where we’re at? We started out talking about love, and now we’re way over yonder on a different topic.  That’s what’s happening to people. They are sabotaging their own love life by becoming less of themselves. Who are you going to find or attract the love of your life, when you’re too afraid to be you?

When you’re too afraid to be you, you operate in fear, altering your energetic frequency. 

Even me, I noticed that men absolutely do not deal with with me when I’m too sweet. They are used to me being feisty. They can even accept me being feisty, but sweet is unfamiliar to them. She’s too nice. They think she has motives.  But the feisty me, they know what they’re getting and can deal with her. 

That’s why trying to change your personality to suit the world doesn’t help  you. Sometimes we think we need to change ourselves to attract the right person, but at some point you gotta realize you are the right person, and you just have to be patient and wait till the right person comes who likes you just the way you are. 

Here’s the other thing. You are amazing. I know you’re amazing, because that’s the kind of people who read my posts.  You deserve an amazing person. When people are not amazing and don’t put in great effort into the love department, that’s misalignment. You’ll never be satisfied with such a person.  THAT is where a great deal of your confusion comes in at. 

Light & Love guides you wrong a lot of times, because people are just writing, talking and regurgitating. Half of the time their mates are basic AF. They don’t know the half about getting an amazing mate.  They will tell you to put up with anything just to be loved. They’ll tell you to look over everything. They’ll tell you not to judge, to be unconditional and blah, blah, blah. 

Always remember when the right one comes the fire and passion is there on both sides. This passion comes naturally. You just know in your soul. There is nothing to prove.  They are just as drawn to you.  Neither of you wants to be apart.  That’s how this thing goes.

But see someone else would tell you that your problem is that you feel you’re not deserving of love.  People rarely ever have a clue of what’s going on with high performing souls.