The #1 Reason Some Relationships Don’t Work Out

by | Love & Relationships

The #1 Reason why 90% of relationships that don’t work out, didn’t work out, is because of one thing. 

The breakup is usually said to have happened due to this, this, this, or that. 

But after dealing with lots of high value, spiritual women, I’ve learned WHY these women are single or have a string of failed relationships. 

They’ve never actually chose a man at the soul level. Choosing a man at the soul level seals a relationship.  A man can not stay with a woman who does not choose him….

In order for a woman to choose a man at the soul level, he has to make her feel safe with him. In order for a spiritual woman to choose a man at the soul level, she has to love him, AND he has to meet her needs, before she will feel safe with him.

High value, spiritual women, would prefer to be alone, vs wasting time being in relationship with a man that she’s not in love with, or a man who won’t be able to keep her… A man can not keep her simply by paying bills. That’s just the basics of something she expects him to do.  She seeks a man who loves her at the soul level. She will not waste time with a man who doesn’t have the throne codes to keep her around. Or so she thinks. 

She’s all about her freedom of CHOICE.  Yet she will choose a man in the earth realm, because she believes he has what it takes to keep and maintain her. But the minute he starts messing up, she starts to doubt if he’s the one. She’ll maintain HOPE, and HOPE he changes, but eventually she will slowly start to realize he can’t keep her.  Most women will say “Oh No. I definitely can’t marry this man.” All the while, she’ll be waiting on him to propose, in order to change her mind…

Once married, many women will then choose a man at the soul level. Some still won’t.  Gold diggers will choose a man on the earth realm, because her needs are simply to financially provide. Other times he’s simply good for now, and a come-up that she’ll trade in later, for a man she truly loves.  Which is still smarter than the average woman who goes around giving her power and body away in the name of love.  In return she provides something good to look at, sex, and kind words. But what she does not give him is her love. Many a man believes he has acquired the woman he wants, but later realizes she loves what he does for her, not him…  That’s the basis of most relationships. Not much spiritual growth happens in these relationships. A good relationship can never be about THINGS. 

Other women marry a man who doesn’t walk in his purpose. She’s watching his actions, slowly having to accept he’s never going to measure up to the level of providing her needs.  Other unmarried women will date such a man for years, waiting on him to meet her needs. Hoping someday he’ll get it right and meet her needs. Like the need for a man to be honest and consistent. Which cheating shows that he is not honest, and consistently doesn’t put their relationship first.  He’s CONSISTENT in not caring, but she’ll sweep that under the rug. She takes him back and has hope. Yet deep down, she knows, she can’t marry him. He’s going to embarrass her and break her heart.  There will be no fairytale ending with him.  Fights and arguments are happening. He’s wondering why he should marry her. She’s not cooking and cleaning as much, because “she’s not his wife.”  She starts to talk to him like the “Boy” that he is. She loses respect for him…

He doesn’t realize the anxiety he’s causing, so he seeks nurturing and healing in another woman’s arms. Now she’s in pain, wants him to care and………. man, this story goes on, and on, and on, and on, until one person finally checks out of the relationship, and here comes trauma and heartbreak.

This is what happens when both parties in the relationship haven’t addressed their wounds, healed, set boundaries and discussed a plan to stay together or get money together. 

If you start off a relationship going in two different directions, then it’s really no surprise that it didn’t last forever. 

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