Tahiry in yet ANOTHER toxic relationship. It’s time for black girls to stop making excuses for being in abusive relationships

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I know some of you, who I won’t call victims or low-intelligence beings, already want to fight me over the blog title.

Let me help you out with that. Stop being a simple minded b*tch who gets triggered all the time, even by perfect strangers.  YOUR REACTION is just that. YOUR reaction. You are responsible for your own reactions.

Next for those who think I’m insensitive. I’m not, I’m just being honest. Honest as a person who has been in 2 abusive relationships.

Here is something about black women, that’s about to offend some more sensitive people who don’t care if the race stays in broken, toxic or abusive relationships for the rest of their lives:  Black women often act masculine AF.



The same Tahiry that was getting her azz whooped by Joe Budden 7-years-ago,

is now in another abusive relationship.

Now CLEARLY that is the sign of an abusive man, who later claimed he didn’t put his hands on her.

Now let’s take this back a second when Tahiry called VADO one of the brokest guys she’s ever been with.

What she said may be true. But that is no way to talk to a man. Especially on national television.  Talking about a man’s lack of finances is one of the most emasculating things a woman can do to a man.  Not to mention the way she said it is completely masculine behavior.

But we’re not here to bash Tahiry, who already said that NONE of this is for show. It’s all her real life.

Now let’s talk about the real problems. 

1. Vado is a 35-year-old man still trying to make it as a rapper.

2. Tahiry is not only used to men with money, but she wants a man with money. She SETTLED for Vado and in her mind loves him DESPITE him not having major dough.

3. Tahiry’s ex Joe Budden was a rapper and now she’s moved on to another rapper.  I am not saying rappers are abusive or that they don’t value black women. I’m not even saying that a good portion of black men quite naturally display violence towards black women in general.  What I am saying is that Tahiry still has the same frequency she had when she was with Joe.

4. If you want to inspire a  man to do something, talking sh*t to him may work, but it’s also going to make him hate you. When you get with a man who is less than what you desire, you’re going to be HIGHLY disappointed in him off top, because chances are he also won’t treat you like the Queen you see yourself as.

5. Black women tend to settle for less and feel that there is a scarcity when it comes to men.  So they want a man to BE MORE, AND DO MORE, and put pressure on him to do so. If you want a rich man, go get one. Stop listening to society telling you what you can’t do.  It’s unfair to a man for a woman to be with him, knowing she wants a wealthy man. SURE, she may even tell him that in the beginning and he will still pursue and she will give in. Yet she doesn’t actually want to lower her standards or lifestyle, there she EXPECTS him to rise to meet hers. But if you get with most men when they are not already winning in life, they will resent you for being with them.

6. Strong women must know themselves and get a man who is emotionally even stronger who won’t always be triggered by her mouthpiece.

7. Oftentimes black men do manhandle black women, don’t open doors for her, don’t bring her flowers and don’t know how to sweet talk her, and take her kindness for weakness, so she often displays masculine behaviors in order to defend herself.

At some point a black woman has to DECIDE that she is only going to deal with men who nurture her femininity and already are the man she dreams of. Instead of trying to build a bear and talking crazy to him, because the suit doesn’t fit.

Now, YES, VADO was wrong for putting his hands on her. But black women once again, have to take responsibility for displaying such forms of masculine behavior.  If you give a man masculine behavior he will treat you like a man and be ready to fight.

Now, drop your complaints about this truth that I just spilled down in the comments somewhere. But just know that complaining people like you DO NOT move the race forward. Sugarcoating things and women not take self-accountability hasn’t helped in the past century. But women knowing their truths has been moving black women forward in the past few years.

Women are not victims. You choose your life and your reality. You always have the power. Tahiry, Megan Thee Stallion, Jennifer Williams, and many other black women are living the storylines of victimhood because no one has shown them how to see their way out.

Your trauma must be healed. 

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