5 Tips To Stop Your Marriage From Being DRY

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Keeping your Marriage SEXY is a must!

Married women are often some of the DRYEST women on the planet.

Don’t lose yourself in your marriage. Have something to talk about. What brings you alive?

Life is about more than just your marriage, kids and household. It’s also about maintaining self and keeping self enchanting and interesting.

What keeps a man attracted to you, is you having a life outside of him.

Don’t be the lady who only posts cats and dogs.

Your marriage should be an embodiment of PLEASURE & JOY.

Selfie time. Slim woman with short cut wearing panties and white shirt in the morning making selfie

It’s not about settling into being BORED. Always keep the flame going.

Keep your marriage SEXY, SAAVY & YOUnique. It’s called the K.I.S.S.Y. METHOD.

P.S. What are you going to bed in at night?

sexy nightgown woman

Need Tips? I got you.

Here are 5 tips to keep your marriage spicy using the K.I.S.S.Y. Method

1. Look good when your man comes home. Put effort into your bedtime appearance.

2. Get naked and talk to one another. Deeply connect.

3. Compliment your spouse.

4. HAVE SEX – Just because. Even a quickie will do.

5. Talk about your fantasies.

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