Story of Millionaire Footballer’s Wife Who Filed For Divorce Only To Discover Husband Put Everything In Mother’s Name Goes Viral

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Achraf Hakimi’s divorce: Wife seeks half fortune, discovers he owns nothing, say reports

Moroccan Footballer Achraf Hakimi’s marriage has gone viral, after his wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce and demanded half of his property, several media reports stated.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the court informed her that her ‘millionaire’ husband legally owns nothing, as all his assets are registered under his mother’s name.

Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan International and PSG player, received a staggering €1 million per month, but 80% of this amount is deposited into his mother, Mrs. Fatima’s account. The 24-year-old football star appears to have no property, cars, houses, jewelry, or even clothes registered in his name.

The couple began dating in 2018 when Hakimi was only 19 years old, and Abouk was 31. As they head towards separation, Abouk, now 36, anticipated receiving an equal share of Hakimi’s €70 million fortune. However, documents reveal that all of the assets are registered under his mother’s name, leaving Abouk with no legal claim to them.

In an unusual arrangement, whenever Hakimi needed something, he requested it from his mother, who then purchases it for him. This dynamic has allowed him to avoid registering any assets in his own name.

The divorce proceedings come on the heels of an investigation launched last month into allegations that the star defender raped a woman he had invited to his matrimonial home while his wife and family were in Dubai.

As the story unfolds, questions arise about the motivation behind Hakimi’s choice to keep all his assets under his mother’s name and the potential impact on the ongoing investigation and divorce settlement.

Kissy's Thoughts

It’s interesting that social media is going crazy over this story. Most people are excited that a man was able to keep his money.  I found it interesting that not many people  wondered if she was a good wife to him.  As a man should not take pride in not providing for his wife and kid.

However, I must say that a 31-year-old woman dating a 19-year-old man speaks volumes as to why possibly all of his money is in his mother’s name.  That could be why he never trusted her. While on one hand it’s not cool to bond with your mother, and not with your wife, (in the bible it says cleave with your WIFE.) it’s also not cool for a grown woman to date a teenage boy.

I also noticed that Daily Mail ran the story, but only spoke abut Hakimi’s wife, and not the situation itself.  That leads me to believe the story is false.