Go Off! Erica Mena Calls Safaree Samuels A ‘Deadbeat Clown’ After He Gifted Amara La Negra’s One-Year-Old Twins Rolex Watches

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While a new season of Love & Hip Hop is being filmed and of course they need clownery acts to promote the new episodes, Erica Mena isn’t taking any of that into consideration.

Despite being part of Love & Hip Hop, Mena went off when she found out her ex-husband/father of her two children, Safaree Samuels gifted co-star Amara La Negra’s twins with diamond studded Rolex watches for their birthday.

Mena accused Safaree of caring more for his step-daddy duties than he cares for his own flesh and blood.

As promotion footage of the birthday party spilled onto social media, Erica slid into the comment section on The Shade Room to react to Safaree’s ‘stepdaddy’ gifts.

Erica wrote:

“Awe, so cute. It’s just very interesting how my kids have NEVER received gifts like this by this waste man. My daughter just turned 3. All she got was a birthday cake and a few balloons in his living room. And please don’t get me started on how he didn’t do anything for my son’s 1st birthday until two weeks after the fact. And again, that was just balloons in his living room. But happy every enjoyed this circus themed birthday part with a deadbeat clown as the special guest.”

Surprisingly Erica did not comment on the shocking kiss that La Negra and Safaree shared.


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Social media users expected La Negra to have children by a man that would be present in her life. They expected her to actually be a Goddess. Instead they are quite disappointed by La Negra’s decisions with men.


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