Bow Wow Addresses Ex Joie Chavis Hanging Out With Diddy: ‘Some Things Are Off Limits’

by | Celebrity LOVE

Pretty much the entire internet wondered how Bow Wow felt when his baby mama popped up kissing Diddy on a yacht.

Baller Alert recently caught up with Bow who dished on his disappointment with his baby mama Joie Chavis, after spotting her with the entertainment mogul.

During the lengthy interview Bow revealed that he had a conversation with both Diddy and Chavis, concerning their relationship.

“She knew better,” Bow Wow said around the 50-minute mark of the video below. “Me and her, we had our discussion about it, trust me.”

While he was bothered by seeing Chavis gleefully boating with the producer, Bow Wow added that Diddy apparently enlisted her to appear in a music video with him, which made him feel a bit better about the situation.

“Me and dude, we definitely had our rep, but I’ll keep that between us. We handled it the way we was supposed to handle it,” Bow Wow added, saying, “There’s a conduct and code men go by and everyone knows certain things are off limits. Wives and baby mamas is just some shit that, you know, you steer clear from.”

Despite the freak night, Bow carries a ton of respect for Diddy.

Last week, the “Let Me Hold You” hitmaker spoke on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion and said Diddy came to him when he was getting clowned online during his attempt to transition from child star to respected artist.

Bow Wow said he attended a pajama party at Diddy’s alongside other celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Nelly, and the CEO pulled him aside.

“That n***a told me straight up: ‘Come here, don’t be doing no clown shit. The fuck wrong with you?’” Bow Wow recalled Diddy saying. “N***a, you know we don’t associate with no clown shit. You Bow, n***a. You better understand your brand and get out here and go to work. C’mon, man. You doing it to yourself. Go to work. Be quiet, lay low and go to work and watch what’s gonna happen.”

Bow Wow also credits Diddy with teaching him how to co-parent.

In the chat with the Shade Room Bow Wow promised that the mothers of his children will never want for anything. “My kid’s moms — you see I don’t even like to say baby mama or baby mother — my children’s moms they can call me for anything,” he told the co-hosts. “Imma get it done. If they out of town, if they in Miami, they need something, they wanna go out, no matter what it is. If it’s a function going on, they need to get in with they girls, Imma set it up. Sections done, bang, there it is. We family. I think that’s important.”

The “Like You” rapper went on to credit the Head Bad Boy in Charge himself, Sean “Diddy” Combs,” with helping him learn how to be a better father. “And I got that from Puffy, I learned a lot from Puff. He taught me a lot, being around him, watching how he moves and I’m always asking him questions like ‘How do you do it? How, how?’ And it’s a blessing, and it works well when it’s like that so it’s family, it’s a family affair. Like I said, I love them both, and I’m just happy I’ve got two good ones on my side. I’m done after this. No more for Bow.”

Honestly, there is nothing that Bow can do to Diddy, so I am glad that Bow felt like this situation was handled respectfully by Diddy. That’s what’s up.