What Stops Black Women From Becoming A High Value Woman

by | Love & Relationships

Only so few women learn the truth about men, money and relationships to evolve to the High Value Woman level.

🏅Most African American women do not. You’re too busy out here trying to be strong inside of a AAA relationship and then wondering why you almost ended up broken down at an AA meeting from trying to drown your sorrow. 🥃🎤

While you are so accustomed to being around 6-7 figure entrepreneurs, don’t forget that YOU ARE NOT THE NORM.

You are a miracle who has defeated generational curses. You even provide employment for others.

Women who truly understand men are the women constantly being provided for, given gifts, honored and generally have a good disposition about men.

Actual High Value Women tend to have good things to say about men, because honestly, how can you not?

Men give high value women everything and treat you like a Queen. Same thing for men who could be good men. They will say that they meet tons of good women.

Half the time high value men give a woman more than you feel like you deserve. They show you the light. Because they live from THEIR vibration. Not the low vibration of other men.

But what he most loves is a woman who already knows the deal..

High Value Men patiently hunt and wait for a high value woman to come along.

High Value Men don’t like low value women.

Even if you’re a high value woman trying to be agreeable, accessible and more affordable for the average man, men believe that’s what you’re worth. Nothing.

🏅Which is what most African American women do. You’re out here trying to have a AAA relationship and then wondering why you almost ended up broken down at an AA meeting from trying to drown your sorrow. 🥃🎤

He won’t even see your worth until another man comes along and shows him. And that’s only if you have done a certain level of energy healing and dream girl healing.

✍️ Through my travels as a writer, I am living the luxury lifestyle and meeting fabulous men, going out on beautiful dates all around the world, and have finally gained clarity on what I desire in a husband. It’s the best feeling ever to actually FEEL ready and to also KNOW you’re ready… (This is what has stopped you from deciding beautiful. You’re not like other women who can’t get or keep a man. You need a different kind of healing.)

The art of high value relationships isn’t black or white. It’s chess not checkers. I’ve learned so much wisdom from sitting down with high value men. They give me some of their best secrets.

Most women are out here playing checkers. A game where you’re nothing and nobody. ♟

👑👸🏼Meanwhile you could be playing on the chess board where you are a Queen who rules, and any man who doesn’t realize that is simply a pawn who loses.

And I most certainly hope that you’re not out here trying to do it without God. Cause these men will eat you for breakfast and have you looking like…..

Me in Paris looking at my cameraman/host