Most Women Have 2 Personalties When They Go On Dates

by | Love & Relationships

Did you know most women have 2 personalities when it comes to men?

They have THE FRIEND and THE GIRLFRIEND personality.

While you want to experience her as a whole, you may only get ONE side of her depending on how you come at her and what your first date looks like.

Many men experience THE FRIEND personality, while they believe they are experiencing the potential girlfriend personality. Some women even give you their MOTHERING personality.

Women choose which one they give you, without much thought to it. This all depends on YOUR mindset, the way you show up and YOUR understanding of your dream woman.

It’s commendable to be the kind of man who is willing to do some deep reflection and work on himself in order to become the King of Kings that a Goddess Queen would choose to be by her side.

Contrary to popular belief, WOMEN DO THE CHOOSING. Even pimps know that. That’s why they say “Yo B*tch CHOSE ME.”

A Goddess Queen is not going to choose the man who doesn’t know how to get what he wants, or the man who will have gold right in front of him, but choosing plated metal instead.

Just like men run tests. So do genius women.

Even men know when a man’s vision is slacking. For instance, some men can look at other men and see his weakness. He knows the man’s weaknesses and strengths when he’s standing next to a woman.

A true high value man can literally smell weakness on a man.

Like how many men do you see hanging out with gorgeous women, who they think THEY have friend zoned?

True high value men can tell that it’s SHE that’s not into you. He’s the shark and the male “friend” is actually the yuppie swimming in shark waters. That’s why he gives the female “friend” his number when she gets up to go to the restroom.

Sharks are great business men who get what they want and are respected by other men.

Meanwhile, Yuppie sits there impressed that he’s with a woman pretty enough to get so much attention around him… Not even seeing the game that’s been ran by the hunters all around him.

It makes him feel good to be with a beautiful woman that he’s really not with. The men in the building do not respect this man nor do they seek to do business with him.

High Value Women don’t tend to have male friends of whom they want to be in a relationship with.

It’s all or nothing. If she is friend zoning you chances are you may have some offputting behaviors that are stopping your dream woman from seeing you as HER dream man.

Alpha men on Youtube tell you that you know everything and don’t need to listen to a woman. But who knows what a beautiful, brilliant, successful, sexy, fun, divine feminine, Spiritual woman who loves God wants in a man more than a woman who knows the game?

50/50 men, coffee dates, cheap dates, all get the FRIEND personality.

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