Why Let A Man Waste Your Time, Instead of Spending Time With A Man Who Spoils You?

by | Love & Relationships

So many men run around literally for years, dating one good woman, after another, having “FUN.” Having So much fun, sexing random women, and discarding them, that they never listened to good female advice and became a better man.
When he does finally meet the dope chick he really wants, he is so accustomed to being liked for trips and truffle butter filet mignon, with his faults being over-looked , that he doesn’t know what an amazing woman likes in a man of whom she would join in marriage. He’s not good enough for HER. 😘
Then you have the men who actually listen and are masters of women. That’s unfortunately my type. 😭🤣
ME: “I want to go to the moon on a 3 foot, red velvet boat.”
HIM: “Kissy you are amazing, you’re a Goddess, you deserve more than 3 feet.”
3 Days Later…..
HIM: Silently walks me outside.
ME: “OMG! You actually got me” a 6 foot red velvet boat with gold accents, 2 captains, a new fit, red slippers, navigation, and snacks on deck. 😍
🚣‍♀️ Trip Starts: He took me to see the ☀️, the 🌙 the 🌟 and the 🏔. And said YES to everything that I reached for and even more.
MY CONSCIOUS: OMG. WHERE TF Did this man come from? 😮😭♥️🤷🏼‍♀️
MY SUBCONSCIOUS: “Kissy My Dear. Darling, You are a Goddess. You manifested him.” 💖
ME: “BUT, I didn’t even ask. I wasn’t even thinking about.“
GOD: I LOVE YOU. You are worthy. 💖✨💋
ME: “GOD You are wonderful. How I LOVE your name. How excellent are you ole lamb of GOD. You have no rival. You have no equal. You are the only true and living God. Thank You for everything you’ve ever done for me. I worship you, and only you can.”🙏
The Internet: “B*tch who do you think you are? You sound st*pid. No man is about to do anything for you! You don’t have a man. You’re leading women wrong. They’re going to be lost. You’re going to be single forever. Lower your expectations.”
My REAL Followers: “Kissy your FREE content has changed my life.”
My clients: “OMG KISSY, I attracted a high value man who spoils me and treats me like a Queen. Thank You For Being You. “
♟ Masterpiece Tribe Members: “OMG KISSY. Money randomly comes to me when I’m in your presence.”
👁 Goddess Unleashed Client: “Kissy opened my heart up in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. Slowly 1 by 1, in less than 30 Days, the miracles started happening. I moved, my relationship improved. New clients came out of nowhere. My income DOUBLED to 7 Figures. Kissy is magic. She will see you. Work with her.” 🔮
👉 Ladies and gentlemen. THIS is REAL.