I’ve had a few relationships.  The first one started with innocent love. the next instant love.  The next love of what I thought I lacked. The next a deep love that taught me who I am… The next a love so deep it expanded my soul.

In the last relationship I noticed how my consciousness expanded as it went.  Expanded when I didn’t even know what the word consciousness was other than being aware. But not aware in the spiritual sense, cause I was partially sleep.  Towards the end of the relationship I woke up.  The relationship had to end when I woke up.

When I walked out into the world woke I noticed that most people didn’t have my same perception of love.   Their hearts and minds hadn’t been expanded because they’d never experienced love and pain the way I have.

For some sex is just a casual thing to do. But I see the beauty of connecting to another soul.  But that connection starts in the mind and in the heart. The pleasure is sacral not just physical.  It can be your water when you’re stuck in the dessert.  It brings sunshine into your life.  That person becomes a star.  Your life becomes a movie, and they are the best part.

Psychology Today writes: “Sex is sacred because of its role in accessing peak experiences of love, oneness, and healing. Humans have an innate need for peak experiences of bliss, merging, and ecstasy. We have a deep longing for the (re) union of sex and spirit, for union with the Divine. When we access expanded states of consciousness through sex we validate our intuitive sense that sex can be worship and that worship can be erotic. Tantra and other paths of Erotic Spirituality teach us to embrace and honor the body as a temple of Spirit, rather than trying to deny our natural sexual impulses.

So when we bless, purify, or honor the body as part of a sexual encounter, when we bond more deeply as a result of lovemaking, or when sexual union catapults us into higher consciousness, we make sex sacred.”

But the only way you experience this divine act in the highest realms is to have a spirituality practice.  This practice helps one recognize that our bodies and our sexuality are sacred. All valid spiritual practice takes one in the direction of awakening to Oneness, and sexuality which feeds the ego and creates separation simply doesn’t qualify.

It’s all about becoming ONE.