Report: Iggy Azalea Is Allegedly Pregnant With Tory Lanez’s Baby

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The internet has accused Tory Lanez and Iggy Azalea of dating for quite a few months.

Now there is a  rumor that R&B star Tory Lanez has impregnated rapper Iggy Azalea and they are expecting their first child together and Iggy’s second baby.

MTO News said:

Congratulations are in order. Media Take Out has learned that hip hop star Iggy Azalea is pregnant – this time with rapper Tory Lanez’ baby.

Iggy already shares a child with a different rapper, Atlanta’s Playboi Cardi. This new pregnancy marks the second child by a rapper by the beautiful Iggy.

Iggy and Tory have been friends for some time, Media Take Out has learned. But the two began seeing each other romantically about 6 months ago. And the relationship went from 0 to 100 real quick, according to one of Iggy’s friends.

The insider explained, “Iggy and Tory are together, and they quickly fell in love, They’re trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye though – because Iggy doesn’t want to be associated with [the drama surrounding him and female rapper Meg Thee Stallion].”

Tory is currently facing charges for allegedly shooting Meg in the foot last year in Los Angeles. While Tory denies that he shot Meg, the Houston rapper is adamant that Tory fired multiple shots at her – and one landed in her foot.

So how does Media Take Out know Iggy’s pregnant? … her friend spilled the tea.

The friend told Media Take Out, “Iggy’s pregnant and she’s really happy. This is the happiest she’s ever been in her life.”

The pregnancy, according to Iggy’s friend is just 3 months along, so don’t expect to see the blonde beauty showing for at least a few more months.

But Tory is definitely out here repping for his soon-to-be babys mama. Over the weekend, Tory performed at a concert in Miami, and he was wearing an Iggy Azalea tour t-shirt.

Back in July, Tasha K claimed that Iggy & Tory were an item.

“Leaving the baby at home to go and chill with Black men who are accused of shooting Black women,” Tasha said of Iggy. ” Less competition for her.  I truly say competition because she spent a great deal of money to look like this.  This is not natural.  You can’t argue with me … I’m sure she’s probably getting the vouchers for child care.  So she can go out on day dates with Tory.  Because she can’t go out at night because she can’t afford child care.”

Iggy responded to that on Twitter.

“Tasha watch your mouth & definitely keep my sons name out of it,” she tweeted. “I certainly DO have that good lawyer money, don’t get sued AGAIN, you have rent to pay baby.”

Iggy also stated that she and Tory often write songs together and go way back. The two were also seen cozied up in Miami in July.

While we have no idea if Tory and Iggy are an item, it is clear that Tory has recently tasted Iggy’s cooking.

Back in December 2021 Madonna hit up Tory about his “Pluto’s Last Comet” song on his 80’s Inspired.  It was said to be eerily familiar to  Madonna’s 1985 Hit, ” Into The Groove.”


Obviously they worked that out for him.

Kissy's Thoughts

I don’t believe this rumor. It looks more like Tory is strategically aligning himself with a certain kind of people in order to distract and move the conversation away from his drama with Megan The Stallion. That trial is set to start on September 14.

Regardless of what happens in your personal life, the business/brand must keep moving forward.

This publicity method appears to be working for Tory.

What are your thoughts?