There’s a whole world out there. Yet sometimes people get caught looking at the ant in from of theI’m such a Goddess that I don’t feel rejected by anyone. I’ve never been dumped. I’m just that phucking dope! I’m sure there was a time I was rejected. In fact there was. But I’ve learned to see things different  since then.

People literally walk this earth and reject God. You’re just his child, so why would you be bothered by anyone rejecting you? After all, they rejected Jesus too.

rejected the stone

Did you really want to be with a fool? The soul of a fool can’t grow and expand you. Only hinder you.

You gotta learn to love yourself and love who loves you, and pick from that bunch. Inside that bunch you’ll also find the one you love. 

To control the bunch, you simply match the energy of what it is you seek, and you will then attract it. Then there you go with an entire field of succulent grapes. You can now make all kinds of fine wines anytime you want to. But guess what? You’re going to have a favorite. THAT is the one you want.

Do the work God sent you here to do. Then your options will be so plentiful, you’ll easily be able to pick out what it is you seek.

You never had to settle for less. You never had to chase those who reject you. They are not rejecting you at all. They are simply saying “Hello. I CAN NOT SEE YOU.”

Then you’re supposed to say “Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate that. We could’ve had something beautiful. I wanted to be with you and build a life with you. I understand we are not aligned.” Then even though it hurts, you move on.

And you know what else. It always gets better. It always gets greater later. Eventually you’ll find the love you deserve. Eventually you’ll attract the one who wants you just as much as you want them.

We make these things so difficult as humans. But it’s really that simple. Everything else is just extra.

So again, you gotta do what’s in your heart with someone else. It will be okay. You’re going to experience a love deeper and greater than anything you’ve ever felt. And the former pain and rejection makes you appreciate it so much more.

For God is love, and his love for you will never leave you incomplete or unfinished. He always finishes what he starts on a good note.

So it is he that gave you the vision in your head. And it is he who has to do the work of deliverance on his promises. God can not lie. If you ask, you shall receive. Tell him to run you your mate, cause you’re tried of playing games with these lames.