It doesn’t matter how good of a man you are if you let the wrong woman choose you.

If your woman doesn’t love you and the Goddess within her, the relationship shall not prosper no matter how well you treat her.

For some men, you may not be the great mate you believe you are. So the woman that treated you well, begins to dismiss you and feel very little empathy for you, based upon your behaviors in relation to her.

I recall a few men from my past who thought they were great men as far as relationships. But actually they were emotionally harmful to women by character default.

For some men, you chose a woman who wasn’t HONEST about her desires. For example, she wants to live a life of luxury, but you can only offer her McDonald’s and she accepted it.

Eventually the truth will come to surface because women can only deny their truths but for so long.  Women are hypergamous and naturally attract Kings. Some women choose a King, and some women choose a regular guy. It’s all about the WHY.

For other men, learning HOW TO CHOOSE LOVE would change your life.

It’s always obvious to other women when a woman is truly in love. Everyone knows. Quite often, you are all she talks about. Even other men can sense it. Everyone can sense real love from the outside looking in.

Men are apt to choose WHO THEY LOVE, NOT WHO LOVES HIM.

It has to be both. She must have the capacity to love you based upon how you treat her and how you make her feel. Same for you.

You both want the same thing, in different ways.

Your character and values must be aligned.

For men, your true love is the woman you fell in love with on first sight…. Not the woman you settled for.

To be a good man requires that you choose the right woman.

When your woman loves you and the Goddess within her, the relationship shall prosper as long as you treat her well.

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