Never Date A Man Who Asks What You Bring To The Table

by | Love & Relationships

Some men aren’t the best men. They are not perfect, whole and complete inside the vibration of being a King, where God created him to be. 

Because they aren’t good men, they tend to blame everything on the women they date. They say she didn’t do this, and she didn’t do that.  But he will tell you that he paid her bills. So you will be like “Aaaawe. You poor baby. Screw that trifling b*tch. She didn’t appreciate you.”

What he’s not telling you is that he’s an azzhole, he’s not a gentleman, he’s uncharming AF, he doesn’t know how to make love to a woman, he’s a liar, he doesn’t know how to make a woman feel like a Queen, and being around him feels cold AF. I mean cold.  Like a woman is unable to emotionally connect to him. In a way the relationship feels abusive to her. So she seeks out the companionship of another man.  He has no idea why.  In his mind he’s doing everything right.  Sometimes these men even have dating coaches who tell them how to act like a wanna be alpha male that alpha females don’t like. 

In essence, he wants to be a good man, and believes he is. He simply doesn’t know how to be one.  You know why? Here is another problem he has. He doesn’t listen.  The woman complained and he didn’t listen. Or he told her she was negative if she complained, so she learned not to complained to him and simply complained to another man who stuck some good d*ck in her and made her feel like a Queen. 

So now he’s out in the world asking what women bring to the table.  And all he has to offer is d*ck that doesn’t last, with a tired stroke, and paying a few bills that are mostly his, because she lives with him and he would’ve had to pay those bills anyway. 

In a way he is also selfish and tends to say “This is my stuff. You’re in my house, using up my cable, my electricity,” and blah, blah, blah. Obviously this would make a woman feel terrible and unsafe with him.  She will take it for a while, until once again, another man comes along.

Meanwhile other men are healed and have a full understanding that a woman is the table. She is the reward for his success. Her presence multiplies his joy, pleasure and abundance. She is his peace.