If you mess up our friendship, you’re not getting back into my life

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Thank God for awakening.

I just saw one of my clients mend her friendship with a past friend. I thought that to be so sweet.

Don’t try that sh*t with me though. I am high value real estate. If you cross me at this point in my life, I DON’T PHUCK WITH YOU.

I’ll forgive you. I won’t hold any grudges against you. But, you will NEVER get back into my life. I simply don’t play. Treat me the same way you would treat Oprah or Beyonce…. And I mean that sh*t from the bottom of my heart.

When I’ve made mistakes with how I’ve talked to people in the past, they didn’t even have to wait 30 Days before I was on their line apologizing for my behavior. I have gratitude for people and truly attempt to see how I can improve myself and have more appreciation for them and their uniqueness in this university. I’ve learned to appreciate and understand our differences.

What most annoys me about people is that they ALL coming running back to me when they see me leveling up. This has happened at each level up.

But I’ve always known who I was. Even when I wasn’t making the best decisions. One thing I’ve always done is be kind to people and show them immense amounts of LOVE.

I show people a love they will probably never feel again in their lifetime. If you take that love for granted, thinking you can duplicate it, then that’s your loss of a magnificent boss.

I couldn’t tell you how many men and women once saw me down in the past and thought it was over for me.

I thought them to be stupid AF. Like, don’t you see my brain…. game? Don’t you see my magnetism? Don’t you see the gloriousness of light that I AM? Don’t you see my AMBITION?

How could anyone dare to doubt me? But that’s exactly what humans do.

But screw the humans who don’t believe. Notice they always believe once you RECEIVE the full manifestation.

People are groupies. Pick your friends wisely. Ride with those who love you regardless. Because when you’re on top and winning, everyone wants to be your friend.

The truth is your real friends are the ones who already see you winning 5 years ahead of your time. Those people are DIVINE.

The rest think they can compete, outdo you, laugh at you, or doubt you. Because they don’t hold the eyes of greatness.

👁 Come hang out with me and my crew. We believe in you.

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P.S. Ladies, DUMP all of the men who tell you NO. He’s not your husband. Hubby says YES to you, because he sees the best in you. Those others guy are robbing you of your youth and time. And that one dude who says YES, as long as you are willing to settle for less. He ain’t it either see. Drop him. Drop ALL of these ninjas and get a baller in your life who has his mind, spirit and heart right.

It’s all about LEGACY. People who don’t move in legacy are fools chasing the wind. And last time I checked, nobody has ever caught the win.

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