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Woke up this morning and God was not in the mood to play with me.   So, here is the download that I received.   He told me to deliver it straight with no chaser. No sweet sugar coated stuff in church today.  I’m about to serve it like a nice, crisp, red wine. 

Men love to complain about women. But I’m about to show you how you screw yourself.

Is the woman you’re sticking your d*ck in right now able to see your future?

Probably not. But every day or every week, there you are giving her your life force.

A woman multiplies everything you GIVE her, but what is she multiplying? NOTHING. But there you go WASTING your sperm.

WHY? Because she gives it to you for free and isn’t putting a charge to you. Because she doesn’t have a HIGH value. She is BASIC and made you work just a pinch, but she still doesn’t want much out of life. So sexing her is very affordable for you.

And guess what else? You think you’re getting over. 🤣

You think you’ve struck a wise deal.

You think the men who PROVIDE are fools. 🤣

A man who is heavily invested in his woman

You know what most men who provide real problem is? Not once in his life has he EVER committed to one woman. Nope, instead he’s everywhere sniffing this p*ssy, chasing that p*ssy. Posting this p*ssy, saluting that p*ssy, double tapping on any p*ssy that’s online taking her clothes off. He gives, gives, gives to every woman he comes across, WITHOUT COMMITTING. And a divine woman wouldn’t be caught dead in a marriage with him. She doesn’t care how much money he has. She doesn’t want to suffer the embarrassment that comes with a man who can’t control his urges. 

Therefore he is a trick. He tricks himself out of LOVE, because HE won’t commit. He has shiny object syndrome. Chances are he’s never been married, or he cheated on his faithful, committed wife with what? NEW VISIONLESS P*SSY. She’s a cool new portal that keeps him unfocused.


INSTAGRAM for Silly Men

There is nothing better to a man than the sight of new p*ssy. He’s in love with it before he can even taste it. He gets excited upon sight of it. He forgets about everything he had going on with any other woman, because that new new is what’s up.

Thirst Trapping 101 for SILLY MEN

Now, to all men. DO THIS……

Ask the woman you’re chasing, or the woman you’re sticking your d*ck in, what your future looks like.

Ask her the VISION for you future.

Guess what? Chances are she’s going to tell you that you’re a nice guy. But she doesn’t know the plans that God has for you.

WHY? Because she’s not the one for you.

The woman for you has God’s plan for your life encoded into her. She often knows WHERE you are going BEFORE you even tell her.

She’s a King maker. She probably has a history of trying to drag men to the top, because SHE can see his future. She can’t even help herself. She’s done this for men who were not her husband. So he rejected her.

I repeat, THE WOMAN FOR YOU HAS A VISION FOR YOUR LIFE. It’s part of the reason why she believes in you. God told her to. But chances are you aren’t paying THAT woman any attention or taking her serious. You haven’t INVESTED in her. So she has to go BUILD with another man.

See here is the thing. I woke up this morning and God told me to tell the truth. He told me to stop holding back. He told me to STOP pretending like I am anything like other women. He told me to stop being disobedient.

The Lord told me to drop the truth that society will not like.

Every woman wasn’t created to just look pretty. Some women are SEERS & PROPHETS. Not only can they SEE the vision, but some can speak life over it. The words she speaks, shall come to pass. Not only that, but some also have BUSINESS MINDS, so they can literally help you build it.

But she will help you in HER own way. Maybe she’ll use her hands, which most men and women will deem MASCULINE. Maybe she’ll just tell you the VISION. Either way she has to bring the vision to life the best way she knows how.


That woman wants you to be successful, just as much as she desires her own success.  THAT’s LOVE.

But most people outside of the God & Goddess realm do not recognize love or know what it is.

So it’s difficult for you to fit into this world. 


When two hearts come together on a common goal with CONSISTENCY, you can consider it done. It’s bible. And So It Is.

Now, if you would like to change your life and finally build that 7 Figure Empire, then you need to work with me to get aligned to YOUR vision or work with me to find the woman God implanted with YOUR vision. Or if you’re smart, you’ll do like my one client and do BOTH. THIS is what I DO!

Church is now over. The offering plate is being passed around.

Inbox me when you’re ready to INVEST and change YOUR life.

Cause this is what I do. I’ve helped men build 6-7 Figure Empires. I help men attract divine women. But if you’ve read, my book,  You Can’t Force A Man To Value You, then you know I learned the truth about myself through a lot of trial and tribulations. 

Sidenote:  I have to write this for the UNCONSCIOUS, NON-ENLIGHTENED men who think I said a women is a work slave.  Here is how high value, HIGH PERFORMING relationships work. HIRE A MAID. HIRE A CHEF. That’s not what a woman is for.  Her help is INTERNAL. You are a man. Your help is EXTERNAL. 

LADIES: KNOW YOUR WORTH. If a man isn’t giving his ALL to you, including HIS money, you are wasting your time Sis. Brilliant women are not meant for bum dudes or men who don’t spoil them. You are an INVESTMENT.  No matter how you feel, it is what it is. A man must and will invest in what he loves. If you want a man to love you, tell him to break bread. Men easily leave anything they are not heavily invested in like a little boy drops his favorite new toy when he gets a shiny new one. 

Oh, and screw these 50/50 men. Your man comes prepared to put you on his already made plate. You are sprinkles on top of a freshly made ice cream cone. You are a BONUS, that is to be appreciated.   A GOD KING already knows this. He needs no convincing. 

P.S. Ladies, some of you are STILL too damn masculine. Don’t get it twisted. Femininity is a must. It’s all about BALANCE. 

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