Most men fall in love so little, that when they finally meet a woman they love, they are really good to her.

But most good men have been hurt.  They become too afraid to be a good man.

Other times good men wonder, if they are deserving of a good woman, or if it’s even safe to be a good man.

There’s so much confusion in this world and so many fears.  But love and fear can not co-exist.

You must pick. Either you’re going to CHOOSE to love or live in fear of LOVE.

When standards come into play then there becomes different definitions of love.

Real love is a feeling. It’s a feeling when the feelings of your heart have been met. It’s the moments where absolutely zero fear is present.

So when you meet someone, it’s good to calculate how far away they are from God. To fall deeply in love, God must be in your heart.

Are you afraid of God? Does God give you what you want? Do you suffer from doubt?

What you meet, is always a reflection of YOURSELF?  What beliefs do YOU need to heal?