Marriage: Jay Morrison Speaks On Putting Away Bachelor Life

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Jay Morrisson wedding

One of my missions on earth is to bring love back into the world. Not that it’s not already there, but many people don’t know how to love, or why they should love. I believe black men play a major part in the detriment of the black community due to not being taught how to have healthy relationships.

Many think the more women the merrier. They are so busy chasing women that they have no purpose in life. They are totally and completely failing to leave a valuable legacy on this earth. 

So when I saw Jay Morrison‘s introduction on his Youtube video about his wedding I had to share it with you. 


I was once one of those “dudes” who screamed- I’M GONNA BE A BACHELOR FOR LIFE!! That’s because no one ever showed me or mentored me on the value of marriage, loving a woman beyond lust and how to identify who God has sent for me to accomplish His work. Pop culture taught us that the goal was a different woman every night forever. But that doesn’t build strong families, lasting legacies or repair and restore OUR village. I thank Allah(God) for granting me knowledge, wisdom and a better understanding so that I can be an example to not just my immediate family but to all who have been misguided, misled and told the lies that keep our families broken and without strong men taking their place as maintainers, protectors and providers.