There has to be a man in this world, that’s okay with me being me

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Trying to fit into society is such a waste of time. You gotta have boundaries, a DO NOT DISTURB list and so many other things to deal with these men. You have to cater to their emotions. You’re too strong so they want you to be even more vulnerable, so that they can talk sh*t about you and call you weak.

What if I don’t want to have boundaries? What if I desire a man who will simply respect me that way I respect him, and if either of us are not doing such, then we sit down and talk about it.

What about truly being in love with your best friend, who you are also super sexually attracted to?

Why does it have to be the other way? Why must there be so many rules?

Can we dance and melt together, into eternity? Can we fully love one another into total bliss?

Why would I have to do it the other way of mistrust?  Why do people tell you to trust, then turn around and break your trust? What is it all for?   Where do the heart-centered people belong?

I quit with all of the rules. I refuse. I’ve discovered that strong men actually exist. Every man isn’t a weak lil b*sh who needs his mama. Some men just let you open up to them, depend on them, and be strong when you want to, and when you don’t feel like being strong, and you need his manly support, he’s there for you to hug you, hold you,  calm you down, soothe you and help you balance your emotions. Some men say “Here baby, let me help you. Let me show you a new way. Let me introduce you to some new things.”


And when you have sex with him, his love flows into you like the ocean, caressing you, releasing you, pulling you away from all suffering, into total bliss.

And I see that man, and suddenly I’m like “Yo. Can I explore the world with you, and get to know you on a global level?  I’m asking, but I’m not really asking. I’m letting you know that you are the one.”


Now, are you going to squander this opportunity? Are you going to waste it by thinking I am your maid? Or are you going to hop all in, forget what other people say, and REALLY, TRULY experience this thing called divine, sacred love?

It feels like the perfect breeze going through your nose, down into your bloodstream.  Have you ever experienced that kind of love?  The kind where you can just let go of all of your fears and inhibitions?

Have you ever met your match in LOVE? Someone who wasn’t afraid to love you fiercely?


Some men really are DADDY. 😍


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you can't force a man to value you reviews

They say love isn’t a movie. Except that’s exactly what it is. It’s just that quite often, some people don’t realize the movie has started.

Love is always and forever present with each moment. It’s just a matter of letting it in.

Sidenote: You HAVE to BE YOU. No one can give you permission to do that.