I am so tired of watching black people talk bad about Oprah Winfrey & Tyler Perry

I remember watching Oprah Winfrey as a little girl, seeing her come on television and actually talk about positive things that mattered to people.

I watched her bring on guests and create memorable moments like that time Tom Cruz jumped on and down on her couch because he was in love.

We all remember when Oprah gave everyone in the audience a car.

A random Google will bring up videos of Oprah telling you how to manifest your best life.  She’s constantly doing graduation speeches.

And then there’s reality tv where black people get paid to fight and act ignorant. And young girls want to be stars so they follow suit.

But I follow in Oprah’s footsteps. Because of Oprah I believe that I can be wealthy by creating positivity in the world.

Sometimes I feel like black people simply don’t like positivity.

I remember watching several of Tyler Perry movies and being awed at his progress. Madea is very entertaining, but his movies over the past few years have been truly touching with the stories he tells.

I noticed how many black actors careers he revived. I notice how he gave Idris a role that was outside of the street role that I first saw him on and fell in love with his actor.  Only to later see Idris talking bad about Tyler.

Tyler too is constantly giving graduating speeches inspiring people.  One day I was on Youtube and saw this very powerful video about ANXIETY that Tyler did at a church. I was touched by his preaching abilities.

I know it must be really exhausting to be both Tyler and Oprah. No matter what they do for the black community, many in the black community talk bad about them. They can never do enough.

Tyler Perry has an entire black studio, and Oprah has an entire school in Africa.

I just wonder what more does a person have to do to receive some love and appreciation in this world.

And the people who talk bad about them are usually people with a 9-5 job. They are not even entrepreneurs who work hard to create impact and change the world.

I am so disturbed by people that don’t appreciate greatness, that if you tell me you don’t vibe with Beyonce’s brilliance as an artist I can’t be friends with you. It’s truly that serious.  I don’t vibe with people who don’t recognize greatness.

Anyway, that’s my rant. I just had to get that off my chest.  Now I’m looking at this post noticing how many sentences being with the word I, and how that looks so EGOIC to people.  But hey, this is how I feel. I wish people showed this inspiration greats more love and appreciation for the mere hope that they install into people, simply by existing.  Oprah has never gave me $1 but she has changed my life.

I’ve never met Tyler Perry but his ANXIETY speech, really helped me learn to pray better and relieve anxiety.

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