LADIES: Don’t let your toxic boyfriend get in the way, when your husband asks for your number

by | Dating, Love & Relationships

I swear this sounds like terrible advice. But I promise it’s good advice.

Good women waste WAY too much time being faithful to no good men. Meanwhile tons of other good men come trying to holler at you. By the time you finally get out of the toxic relationship, and you start posting GOD GOT ME QUOTES, n*ggas ain’t sh*t and all of the other break-up memes, the good men who tried to holler at you, are already onto another woman.

Even with myself, when I was in toxic relationships, I had quite a few good men around me who liked me. One time I broke up with my boyfriend, went out with my girl, and as we were leaving the club, I ran into a man outside.  We both looked at each other and it was INSTANT chemistry and INSTANT attraction. Like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was definitely spiritual.

I gave him my number.  I talked to him and he was an artist. He sang, and had a clothing line. Like me he was an entrepreneur manifesting his way in this world.  About a week later I told him that we couldn’t talk anymore, because I’d gotten back with my BOYFRIEND.

He was hurt. He was like “I thought we had a connection.” I responded “We do. But it wouldn’t be fair to to keep talking to you, when clearly I’m already in love with another man.”

Years later, I see that same man has blown up on social media. He has about 200,000 followers, and he’s getting money. Meanwhile my ex is probably somewhere cheating on whatever woman he’s with, working for someone else, and living the same insane circle he always has.

One time I was talking to one of my male friends and he asked me about my loyalty. He asked me exactly what was I being loyal to.

It came out that the loyalty itself was toxic. Why be loyal to a man who isn’t paying your bills? Why be loyal to a man who doesn’t value you?  That’s like being loyal to losing. 

The other day a man told me that he met some super fine girl, and he thought she was the one for him. But she did what most of us women do and told him to follow her on Instagram.   He now has a woman, and he was telling me now the Instagram chick is in her stories posting the typical break-up memes and God got me quotes. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He said to himself that if her relationship was bad, it only would’ve made sense for her to give him a chance months ago… Now she looks up, comments on his content, noticing that he has a woman.

A lot of heart-centered women fail to realize that life is NOW. You’d better PRESS PLAY all the way!!!

I used to think it was so uncool to say “Don’t let your boyfriend get in the way of finding your husband.” But it’s true. The man who wants to truly be with you is going to marry you and lock it down. He’s not going to take any chances on letting you go. The man for you is SMART when it comes to you.  Love yourself enough to ALLOW love in.

Let your toxic boyfriend go.

But  Bey already told ya’ll this.