Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe Disses Antonio Brown For Breaking Up With Keyshia After She Got “AB” Tattoo

by | Celebrity LOVE

Last week Antonio Brown completely embarrassed Keyshia Cole by publicly dumping her shortly after she had his initials tatted on her back.

In response, Keyisha Cole tried to explain how ‘disrespected’ she felt from Antonio Brown’s dumb comment.

“Yea I was big trippin..smh I see it now. I have a 12 year old. Like that type disrespect for what.. Nothing is worth that level of disrespect, especially when u don’t deserve it. Had so much love, respect and admiration fa you. Guess that wasn’t mutual.”

This week Keyshia’s sister, Neffeteria Pugh has slammed Antonio Brown for disrespecting Keyshia following the “AB” tattoo saga. Neffeteria is asking why Antonio Brown is allowed to disrespect women?

Previously Keyshia, 40, had a baby with Khalé, who was 24-years-old when they broke up in 2020.

Kissy's Thoughts

We love to blame everything on men. But women must take some accountability for the choices they make in men. Women disrespect themselves by dating such a man as Antonio with a history of being disrespectful to women. Just because you’re beautiful, kind, famous, or popular, doesn’t mean a man is going to treat you better.  A man treats women based upon the way he feels about himself.

Celebrity women like Keyshia Cole also have WAY too much money, fame and access, to not work on their femininity. They are targets for men who just want points. Not to mention Neffe should be going off on her sister who constantly does crazy things over men.

It makes no sense to have that much visibility and choosing the worst men she can find. Keyshia needs to work on self-love. Period.

People try to talk about Kim Kardashian so bad, Pete has HER name tatted on HIM, while she’s still married to a whole other man. The woman leads in femininity. But no one seems to notice that.

Meanwhile Keyshia is still running around acting like a typical, every day hood rat, falling for broken men,  instead of an R&B Diva who is worthy of the very best.

Perhaps someone needs to remind that woman of WHO she is. It’s so easy for her to do better. Even is she was the worst woman in the world, some man still wants to be with her, because she’s a star.  But chances are, he doesn’t have million of followers….I can totally understand not wanting a regular man, but Sis, these celebrity men aren’t treating you right.  They don’t VALUE you.

you can't force a man to value you