Jesse Williams Got Child Support Payment Permanently Lowered, Says Ex Aryan Drake-Lee Refuses To Financially Participate In Responsibility For Providing For Their Children

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Jesse Williams and his ex wife have been embroiled in a bitter child support battle the past few months, and Jesse continues to win and get the upper hand on his ex wife.

Recently scored another massive win against his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee after a judge decided to lower the actor’s payment to a little over $6,100 a month. The decision comes after the former “Grey’s Anatomy star” requested the amount be reduced by more than $30,000 following his exit from the hit ABC show.

According to legal documents obtained by, the 41-year-old and the self-sufficient real estate broker appeared in front of a court judge on Tuesday, Sept. 6, for a hearing on child support.

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The outlet reported that before Jesse took the stand, people in the courtroom were asked to leave, and the judge announced that he would lower the actor’s child support payments to $6,146 per month when he is in town and has custody of his two kids. When the “Station 19” actor is away, he is ordered to pay Drake-Lee a total of $7,953.

Last April, a judge agreed to temporarily lower the star’s installments to $6,413, a significant drop from the $40,000 he was obligated to pay monthly for his two children, 8-year-old daughter Sadie and 6-year-old son Maceo.

In a letter filed by the seasoned Hollywood star, Williams claimed he was not making as much since leaving the drama series. However, he also accused his former partner of investing the monthly payments into “failed or failing businesses while failing to seek gainful employment despite having an Ivy League degree, speaking three languages, and having a wealth of competitive real estate experience.”

He continued, “non-income-producing experiments such as a restaurant, in June 2020, wellness and apothecary shops is contrary to our children’s best interests.”

He added, “I am not trying to shirk my responsibility to support our children, but both parents have a duty to support the children, and Aryn has clearly refused to participate, insisting that I be entirely responsible.”

Drake-Lee tries to use the court system to get back at her ex

Williams and Drake-Lee met in New York City when the latter was still a school teacher. The pair ultimately tied the knot in 2017 but divorced five years later. The separation was finalized in October 2020.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum Jesse Williams filed papers against the real estate broker on February 8 accusing his ex-wife of “repeated violation of court orders” and “erratic, gatekeeping behavior” in court documents obtained by Us Weekly.

All this despite his “deeply connected, loving relationship” with his daughter and son. He alleged that his ex has taken the kids from their school and his home’s front yard on his custodial days. Not to mention, she ignores most of his FaceTime calls.

The actor went on to claim that the California native has “manic outbursts in front of the children”.Including in October 2021 when she allegedly screamed at him and “yanked Sadie from my arms like a rag doll” on Halloween.

He further alleged that Drake-Lee’s “unreasonable” legal filings and behavior are “a perpetual loop of the same disproven, unsupported tales and flagrant disrespect for the court’s orders”.

According to a TMZ report, one of Aryn’s many gripes was the fact that Jesse posts pictures of their children on Instagram. While most people find this type of thing to be doting and endearing, Aryn feels like Jesse is only posting pics to build public empathy.

Williams filed the documents in response to papers that Drake-Lee submitted in December 2021. She requested at the time to modify their custody schedule. Claiming that his work and other factors led to inconsistency and disruptions to their kids’ lives. She alleged that Williams had “demonstrated a lack of concern for [stability], often making decisions based on what’s most convenient for him at the time, rather than the overall best interest of our children.”

Kissy's Thoughts

We’re about to have a boss b*tch conversation.  This is for women who make 6-7 Figures. I am not interested in hearing the opinions of people who don’t get it. Do you and be happy.

On the surface what Jesse is saying is true. Aryan had a ton of time, money, and resources to build a successful business. Heck she had enough money to hire someone to build out her entire business for her.

I also totally understand Aryan. Sis had a plan and executed well. She got her man to the top, but Sis forgot about herself, because no one probably told her how life actually goes.

The thing about MEN is that most women don’t realize THEY ARE MEN. Most men are not going to deny themselves of happiness in order to make a woman happy that he is no longer in love with.

Aryan started life off by taking care of Jesse and financially supporting him while he worked on getting his acting career off the ground. She was successful in doing so.

It’s common basic b*tch sense to believe that because you’ve shown this man you care about him a great deal, and 100% have his back financially, that he is now going to return the favor, provide for you, and allow you space to rest in your femininity and figure out what kind of passion business you would like to start.

As you can see with Jesse, that is not the case. He is over it and really sticking it to her. Most women are basic b*tches to men because they have very little knowledge of men and they will also self-sacrifice and give to man who is supposed to be sacrificing and giving to her. (Successful women often have the least amount of sense when it comes to men…. We’ve all been there before healing.)

None of that is a good idea. Over-giving and being a masculine woman often breeds resentment and bitterness as we clearly see that being played out in this case. 

Jesse Williams Aryn Drake Lee Child Support

Some attractive men understand that most women are asleep to deep self-love and unhealed in their feminine core. They get unsuspecting women who finance them, sex them, provide for them and make it easy for the men to stick around for a little while.

Once he is financially stable or as successful as he always wanted to be, he moves on to the next woman.

Jesse even briefly moved on to one of Aryn’s friends.

Men are men and most of them have a need to protect and provide. At least the rich ones do. Which is why they are rich. If you protect and provide for him, you can’t serve him as a man. You take his job and make him feel un-needed. Then he spends time with a woman who needs him, who chances are makes way less money than you and doesn’t have to deal with the broke version of him, because now you’ve made him rich.

If a man wasn’t a rich, successful PROVIDER man from the jump, chances are you can’t turn him into one. It has to be in him, not on him.

Men say they want a woman that’s down for them before the come-up, but that stops in college. After that you have to accept a man for where he is. Once his POTENTIAL is up he’s a King, and if you have mothered him and provided for him, you may not know how to talk to that new King…

As far as her failed businesses, very few people will understand the huge amount of effort required to start a spiritual businesses that changes the world. Although she had everything she needed to be extremely successful, there is no telling the stress that she had to deal with that maybe caused her to lack clarity.

At the end of the day, now you understand WHY she’s bitter. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about understanding your divinity. She acted like a masculine man financially during the relationship and now he sees her as such. He has no desire to make life easy or comfy for Drake.

Read my other thoughts about what went wrong in Aryn’s relationship here.

I also wrote a long blog about NEYO and a woman not depending on a man to take care of you long term.

Meanwhile, Marjorie is still being taken care of by Steve Harvey, so that tells you, it’s all about the man you choose.

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