Internet trolls hate themselves, cause they lack self-love

by | The Facts of Life

Haters don’t hate you. What they really hate is THEMSELVES.  They lack SELF-LOVE. ~ Kissy Denise 

Nine out of 10 times when someone is online talking smack, or leaving negative comments on other people’s pages, they do it from a fake profile. 

Internet trolls hate themselves. They hate their lives and lack self-love. They don’t like their own mirror reflection.  Which is why they don’t use a real photo of themselves.  

It’s what they were called to do.  They were born to be a hater. 

They were given the lowly job of being a hater, because

1. They are not strong enough to do what it takes to impact the world in a positive way.

2. We need them.

It’s haters who often make us aware of our arrival to the next level.  Entrepreneurs work tirelessly, non-stop. Your head is always down in a book, in a course, on your laptop, working on your website, creating your new launch, all while hopping online to inspire people. All while putting together major conferences to motivate people.  And you make it all look so easy. 

So when you’ve spent a whole year, a few years or a few months on writing one of THE best books in the world, you can almost guarantee that haterville will pop up to let you know that YOU ARE SOMEBODY. 

People only hate what’s great.  Chances are they wouldn’t hate on the homeless man, because they don’t think the homeless person is better than them.  Therefore they feel there is nothing to hate on.

But you, you’re a target for them, cause HOW DARE YOU, look past your own muck, your own junk, your own trauma, your own pain, and birth what God put in you. 

How dare you marry into the vision of changing the world?

While you make millions of dollars, the hater gets to sit on their living room couch, in the dark, typing shots at you. How cool are you!


They could be hating on Beyonce, or Oprah, or even Donald Trump (they usually do). But rejoice when you see that they are hating on you. 

You know what that means? It means your time is coming.


I would like to take this time to commend you on your hard efforts. It’s reaping season.  You should be seeing angel numbers all around you right now.  That’s alignment.  It’s the sign from the Universe and your earth angels to KEEP GOING!


Listen below to Robert speak about how much better off people would be if everyone focused on THEIR purpose.