I don’t feel sorry for men who get dogged out by women

by | Love & Relationships

I rarely ever feel sorry for men who get dogged out.

HERE’S WHY: Good women are in abundance. Women outnumber men. Women dream of meeting Prince Charming and getting married.

That woman dogged you out because you went for the EASIEST woman you could find and your behavior was mediocre AF. You barely put in any work to get her. You didn’t have to. Which is why she didn’t value you. If you want a good woman, go after the one you gotta work to get. Simple as that. VALUE is not easily accessible. Everyone knows this.

Secondly as a man, you men need to learn how to tap into your feminine energy in a positive way. Ya’ll cry too much without doing MASCULINE things to back it up.

When a woman is trying to talk to you about problems she’s having with you, you don’t want to talk until 2 weeks later, and by then she’s over it and Thomas at the job is pressing her telling her how fine she is.

You didn’t study karma sutra or how to please a woman, so therefore her vagina is actually open entry for another man. A woman should NEVER violate a man like that. 

Good women will NEVER let another man stick his penis in her vagina when she has a man at home who is putting it down. I know this cause even when my exe’s pissed me off, ain’t no way another man’s dick was getting anywhere near me. They put it down in the sex department. They were undefeated. Another man would’ve had to put in HUSBAND effort by spoiling me just like my man did. Only a low value woman would let some side dude slide in who didn’t put in major work to get her. Nor would a good woman allow another man to laugh at her man, if she can help it. I would never want a man being able to laugh at my man, knowing I cheated with him. Every good woman knows it doesn’t pay to make a man feel inadequate. My ex’s were completely spoiled by me.  A good woman is going to pour life and love into anything she loves. 

Next Up: Buy your woman some flowers. Even my son buys me flowers and men buy me flowers without me asking. It’s a nice gesture, even if we don’t care about flowers.

Next up, learn to be affectionate. Women like affectionate men. They bond with them fast and deep.

Gifts: Women like gifts. Give her money and buy her things. It makes her happy.

Be proud of your woman. Tell her she’s beautiful. You can’t possibly think it’s wise to not tell her so, knowing that regardless when she leaves the house other men will tell her that she’s beautiful. But if you were doing your job, she wouldn’t care what other men have to say.

Surprise Her: Don’t always ask her where she wants to go and what she wants to do. Especially when it comes to food . Women are confused AF when it comes to food, because we’re greedy and want everything. Be the man and pick a place. 

UPKEEP: Take your woman to the spa. Make sure you keep her hair and nails done. Other men don’t do kind things like that. You don’t want to be like those other basic dudes.

CONVERSATION:  Conversation rules the nation. Not only does it get you paid, but it’s how you connect with other humans and talking parrots too. Be the kind of man she can talk to about anything. That way Thomas at her job can’t get the up on you.

Now with all of that being said, you now see why that woman left you. You didn’t do enough to get her to truly fall deeply in love with you. You played checkers, instead of chess. Only one of those boards has both a King and a Queen.  You’re never going to get the maximum from a woman of whom you’re not in service of.