When You BOTH Graduate From Med College as DOCTORS & MARRY Your Soulmate In The Same Week: Meet The Johnsons

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Love is so simple when you find it and just go with it.

A newly married couple is celebrating having matching degrees, and matching ring fingers too. They are manifesting their best life at the same time.

This newly married couple are celebrating two special milestones—becoming doctors and the beginning of a long-lasting future together.

On May 21, Dwight Johnson II and Taylor Brooks graduated from Meharry Medical College, an HBCU in Nashville. Six days before that, the pair expressed their love, promise, and commitment to one other at their wedding in Tomball, Texas. Now, they are reintroduced as not only Mr. and Mrs. Johnson but also Drs. Johnson and Johnson.

Dwight received his doctor of medicine degree in obstetrics and gynecology, while Taylor graduated a physician of psychiatry. The man takes care of the vagina and body, while  his wife will cover the mind.

On May 22, Dwight posted two adorable side-by-side photos on Twitter of both his graduation and wedding day with his wife.

“So much to be thankful for in this past week,” Dwight wrote. “I was able to marry my best friend and then graduate as physicians together just 6 days later. God is so good. This is what #BlackLove mixed with #BlackExcellence looks like when you always keep God at the center of your life.”

According to the couple’s wedding registry, they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.  Dwight was instantly drawn to Taylor’s beauty and kindness. Their romance started with conversations in the school library to an official date of dinner and bowling,

Dwight falling madly in love, mustered up the courage to make her his girlfriend and ask her out to the med school prom. He won her over with the Love and Basketball approach with ping-pong to ask her to Cadaver Ball. Dwight also paid close attention to Taylor and knew what she liked. He didn’t just call her on the phone and randomly ask her to make it official. He had the DJ play “Differences” by Ginuwine to set the mood while he asked her to be his.

Their romance  is now moving over to the next stage of their journey. The new graduates scored residencies at top colleges. Taylor is set to start hers at  with the University of Maryland and Dwight will starts his at Howard University College of Medicine.

We wish the Johnson’s the best on their careers and beautiful Love story.  This won’t  be the last you hear of the outstanding outstanding couple. The man in this marriage is definitely equipped with a vision and leading his wife to victory.