Gordon Thornton Opens Up About His Divorce From Mia: She Married Me For My Money

by | Celebrity LOVE

The upcoming season of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives Of Potomac promises a juicy divorce scandal storyline. Mia Thornton‘s soon-to-be ex-husband, Gordon Thornton, is making some serious allegations, claiming that she’s leaving him just as he’s facing financial troubles.

Gordon who was once worth $100 Million, recently disclosed to TMZ that, given his age of 71 and his undergoing prostate cancer surgery in New York, he gave Mia, 38, a “hall pass” as he understood he couldn’t fulfill her sexual needs.

According to Gordon, he knew “there’s going to come a time when [he] won’t be able to satisfy all of [Mia’s] needs,” which is why he gave Mia the green light to find “what you need elsewhere” as long as she obeyed his “two rules…”

Gordon admitted that he knew, due to his age and recent prostate cancer surgery, that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Mia sexually.

The 71-year-old’s rules included: “Don’t give me a reason to look for it” and secondly, “Keep the kids out of it.”

Gordon said he told the RHOP star, “As long as you do that, I’m fine.”

He had hoped that honesty would be part of the deal, but he’s discovered that Mia has been secretly seeing someone else. He’s urging her to be straightforward about her reasons for ending their marriage.

Gordon insists that Mia’s behavior is starting to impact their children, which is why he’s breaking his silence. He emphasizes that, aside from co-parenting their kids, he wants no further association with Mia.

The man was obviously a sugar daddy who financed her lifestyle. That’s it, that’s all.