Golddigger Alert: Stevie J is asking for alimony from Faith Evans

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The love journey of Faith Evans & Stevie J has been an interesting one to say the least.  Now their journey together is coming to a amicably, peacefully and messy end, if that makes any sense.

On Nov. 8, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star  Stevie J filed for divorce after three years,  at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, according to court documents released to the public.

I imagine, if he were ever truly in love with Faith that this was an emotionally difficult day for Stevie to make a legal move towards detaching from his marriage.

Stevie J & Faith Evans Spotted At The Beach

Days later, the couple was seen frolicking at the beach after Evans posted a video of the pair doing cartwheels in Malibu.

During a recent interview, with TMZ LIVE,  Faith Evans responded to her husband, Steven “Stevie J” Jordan, filing for a divorce.

On the episode that aired on Dec. 2, the “Love Like This” singer shared an update on the couple’s current relationship status.

Evans, who also opened up about her elimination from “The Masked Singer,” where she was performing as The Skunk all season, told the outlet that the duo is doing just fine despite a hectic month.

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Stevie J Filed for Spousal Support from Faith Evans – But They Appear to Still be Living Together

She said,

“Stevie’s cool, he’s in the kitchen right now waiting for me to finish. But I stopped discussing my personal life in the public back in the [1990s]… But he’s fine and I’m okay so it is what it is.”



Evans’ response went viral, with many fans tapping in asserting that Jordan had met his “match” when referencing the cheating events that transpired during November between the couple and some of Steebie’s past events.

Events like when Jordan publicly cheated on his ex Mimi Faust — with whom he shares a daughter — with Joseline Hernandez while they appeared on “Love and Hip Hop.”

Stevie is the King of embarrassing women who love him more than they love themselves.

One fan wrote:

“These millennials don’t know Faith like we do…. He have officially met his match. Y’all better go watch some YouTube.”

“Faith giving him his own medicine..I love it.”

“That’s right none of y’all crusty a– business. Stevie met his damn match.”

“She is his Karma in human form.”

In addition to the “match” remarks, a few tapped in fans,  pointed out how Evans appeared to be “media trained” when answering the interviewers’ questions regarding her marriage. One wrote, “She is definitely media trained.” Another said, “A hehehe that’s the Hollywood laugh and reply that’s right Faith! Don’t tell them nothing.”

Another fan on social media noted that other celebrities should take notes from Evans’ response when answering questions. That person stated, “A lot celebrities need to aspire to answer questions like this – GOOD JOB @therealfaithevans.”

You’ve heard the peaceful part. Now on to ONE of the messier parts of the story.

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Stevie J Filed for Spousal Support from Faith Evans – But They Appear to Still be Living Together

In a  December report by The Blast, Stevie J is asking a court to order Faith Evans, his estranged wife, to pay spousal support in their ongoing divorce case.

“Legal documents show that the record producer wants a monthly payment made to him by Evans and is brazenly requesting the court to not allow her to collect anything from him.

In the filing, Stevie J, whose real name is Steven Jordan, claimed the couple “separated” on October 19, 2021. Jordan cited “irreconcilable differences” as the basis of their separation. The couple has no children, so child support is not an issue.

The filing shows that he filled out the box that says “spousal or domestic partner support payable” to “petitioner” (Jordan). Plus, he also marked the spot asking to “terminate the court’s ability to award support to (Faith).”


The couple tied the knot in July 2018 during a quiet ceremony in their hotel room in Las Vegas. The R&B singer and the former reality TV star showered each other with love on Twitter following the news of their nuptials, which came as a surprise to family, friends and fans alike.

Stevie J and Evans were linked in the early ’90s through the producer’s work with Evans’ husband, the rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

Evans was married to The Notorious B.I.G. from 1994 until he was murdered in 1997. She was later married to record executive Todd Russaw from 1998 to 2011 before tying the knot with Stevie J in 2018.

Kissy's Thoughts

Nothing against Stevie J., I love his CHARACTER (the one he plays in this life) but it was difficult to see how Faith Evans went from a legendary boss like Biggie to a dude like Stevie J.”

Yet, when you understand TRAUMA that becomes more clear.

It’s understandable if she was tired of playing the background and no longer feeling like a superstar.  Could’ve Faith have done better, than Stevie?

Once a woman experiences one relationship with a wealthy man who is buying her everything she wants, giving her the dream life she wants – even in marriage, and that doesn’t work out, rather it’s because death did him part or the relationship simply wasn’t meant to be, then a woman should next take that experience with a new desire to level up in LOVE.

From the outside looking in, it appears obvious that Faith was not going to experience real love with Stevie J. It didn’t even give her the look Biggie gave her, and it still came with cheating too.  There are levels to SUCCESS, but that’s neither here nor there. The truth is there are greater symbols of SUCCESS, but being both famous, wealthy, healthy and fully loved are the ones the public notices the most.

Stevie does not have the capacity to love only be with one woman.  So if that is what a woman is seeking as her definition of love, then Stevie is the last candidate you choose.

Not to mention, I’m really starting to rethink this whole pre-nup thing too. Boss chicks need to have MEN sign prenups.  Cause those of us who are pure in heart, would never take more than our due from another soul, leaving them handicapped, weighted back, or feeling like they’ve lost something.

But that doesn’t mean that people wouldn’t be quick to do that to you.

Anyway, with the way Stevie filled out his divorce paper, is their marriage a small part of the entertainment sill, or does Stevie really want alimony from Faith?

Stevie J’s networth is reportedly $5 Million, with Faith’s being $3 Million, according to the internet. 

What kind of man would file for spousal support against a woman that’s worth less than him?

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Prenups are for kind-hearted spirits to protect themselves too. It’s also for people who don’t trust. It may be a really wise idea for kind souls who don’t trust, so that you’ll feel free to fully be yourself in your relationships.

That’s what most people are running from in the first place. They are running away from themselves in some type of way. It creates distrust and attracts the verification of it.  Cause you know the Universe just has to pull up, on silver platter, like “What’s happenin!”

My spirit is telling me that a lot of celebrities, sacrifice love for the chase of attention, money, fame and what they believe to be SUCCESS.

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