Bag Secured! Tristian Thompson’s New Baby Mama Is Pimping The Spot Light & Racking Up ATTENTION

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The world of celebrities and dating is really chess not checkers at the end of the day. If love comes up or comes to stay for a few days, that’s the norm.

When it comes to male celebrities and the women they date, the women highly benefit from the relationship as in popularity and being able to launch their platforms.

In the case of Tristan Thompson‘s new baby mama, Mara Lee Nichols, she posted a photo of her beautiful new baby boy with a message about the father.

In the post, Maralee stated that Tristan is not embracing the child, saying, “I want to thank everyone for your well wishes. Me and baby are doing great. Right now my heart and mind is on focusing on the baby right now. I am heartbroken that Angelou’s father doesn’t want to be in his life. I am hoping this lawsuit will bring us together and we can be a family.” 😩🤦🏼‍♀️
It is interesting … Maralee wrote, “First came love” … clearly suggesting this was more than what Tristan has called it — a one-night stand.
Despite an ongoing paternity suit, Nichols gave the baby boy Tristian’s last name.
Maralee Nichols posted of photo of the baby, with the caption, “First came love, then came you ❤️ Angelou Kash Thompson.”

KASH, CASH, CASH…. Did you peep the middle name?

In true celebrity world, when couples are together, they usually hide the baby for a bit and seek privacy.

But Nichols did not sleep with Tristian for no reason.  She was on her bag.  Now the personal trainer is milking his name and the spotlight for every penny.

Nichols posted a photo talking about the OPPORTUNITY. 

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Right now Maralee has 9,404 followers. This is surely to skyrocket to 200,000 minimum soon, with women adoring her, wanting to follow her to figure out how she was able to befriend Tristian enough to trust her enough to drop sperm in her.

Maralee nichols Instagram

Kissy's Thoughts

Now some people will look at this and simply think she’s simply sharing.

But my third eye allows me to see that Maralee’s pimp hand is strong. She’s ready for this LIFE! She’s playing chess and not checkers, slam dunking on Thompson, the same way he was dunking his balls into her.

Now she can pretty much launch anything and sell it online, people will ask to interview her, and millions of people will know her name. All from having a baby with a famous wealthy athlete.

(Brittney Renner is an example of someone who has mastered this.)

This is the game of life these days.  You can be a woman who works hard for your money or you can take a shortcut and work less harder by only opening your legs up to rich men who can boost your life, give you credibility and pay tons of money in child support.

Notice here how she says THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN GREAT.

Any other mom would be completely devastated with knowing she just had a baby with a man who didn’t  want to be involved. But Nichols knows that chances are Tristian will eventually cave to public pressure and spend time with the child.

Either way, Nichols has her meal ticket secured.

Meanwhile the paternity suit is still ongoing.

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