Derrick Rose Bought His Fiancé A Ring So Big, The Diamonds Will Hurt Your Feelings

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I was on Instagram minding my business when the IG algorithm universe decided to put this pretty blonde girl in my face.   She was very attractive so I stopped to pay attention to her hand movements.

This woman was showing off a huge diamond ring on her fingers.   When I say HUGE. I mean HUGE.

Then I look at the caption and it says “Mrs. Rose.” Immediately my mind says “Noooooooo. Not Derrick Rose.”

And then, Yes,  DERRICK  mthfkn ROSE.

I’m only writing this post so ya’ll can see this ring and this pretty girl.

NBA Star Derrick Rose Engaged to Girlfriend Alaina Anderson — See Her Massive Diamond Ring!


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As I write this post and derrive so much joy from seeing this woman live her best life, I wonder why many other men don’t want to make their woman look as good as Alaina looks right now?

Anyway, back to the story.

On Tuesday, 33-year-old New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose proposed to his girlfriend Alaina Anderson during a romantic dinner at Madison Square Garden.

The NBA player shared the news on Instagram with photos of Anderson’s stunning engagement ring, their private dinner and wine setup on the Knicks court and shared a touching message to “my ace.”

“I didn’t know how you were going to perceive me. But this entire time I was hoping that you would believe me. Believe the words that I will have your back and love u forever,” Rose wrote of his fiancée.

“When I FIRST saw you I told Ryan that we were gon be together. It took both of us a while to let down our guards. That’s only becuz both of our hearts were scarred. We are two peas in a pod becuz we are truly MISUNDERSTOOD,” he said.

Rose tricked his woman into believing they were going to a Knicks game, then surprised her with a proposal. A day prior he even bought her a different diamond ring, saying maybe one day he could get her the real thing.

Alaina is stunting in her instagram photos using hashtags #getyouaring and wondering what she should name her ring, because it’s so darn big.

Derrick even takes her photos for her to be posted to the gram.

Rose continued, “We got our heart and swag from this place called ENGLEWOOD. I will always love you becuz you go above and beyond. We built a beautiful family and an unbreakable bond. Thank you Queen.”

The 26-year-old model and influencer quickly commented under the post writing, “A WIFE!!!!! I love you!!!!!😍😍😍 MRS ROSE TO YALL LOL.” She also re-shared his message on her Instagram Story, calling him her “hood poet” alongside several blushing and kissing emojis.

This totally isn’t a good look for 50/50 men.

Anyway gentlemen, feel free to go back to your daily schedule of saying how your woman isn’t deserving of much and how she’d better accept a pebble as a symbol of your love, cause money, rings, and the finer things in life don’t mean a thing in your world. Plus rich men suck and beat their wife. Did I miss any of your sentiments?