Tamar Braxton’s Fiance J.R. Robinson Broke Up With Her

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Tamar Braxton’s love story has taken a turn down break-up alley again.

On Monday Braxton’s fiancé JR Robinson from “Queens Court” announced that he’d broken up with the ‘Love and War’ songstress.

Robinson said he terminated the engagement in pursuit of becoming a “better person.”

He refuted allegations of infidelity and stated despite their breakup, they would remain “friends and family for life.”

To announce the break-up JR took to Instagram. In an Instagram Story, he conveyed, “Tamar and I are no longer together. I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

He also mentioned, “The details of what occurred and the reasons behind it are our private matters. No, I did not engage in any infidelity, and I was not present when her car was burglarized at her mother’s place.”

Despite making an appearance on the reality dating show on Peacock, he asserted that he had never sought fame and had turned down the opportunity multiple times before finally accepting it.

He wrote, “I fell in love, but it didn’t culminate as I had hoped. So now, I aim to mend.”

Robinson added, “Tamar and I will forever remain close friends and family. We appreciate your respect for our privacy.”

Braxton and Robinson’s engagement was publicly revealed during the “Queens Court” finale in March when he proposed.

She expressed, “I can’t believe I found what I was looking for.”

Their relationship encountered difficulties shortly thereafter when one of Robinson’s children’s mothers accused Braxton of causing “nothing but chaos.”

Anaston Jeni took to social media to assert, “My son does not mean ‘everything’ to her and she has not thanked God for me and truthfully, none of his baby mamas,” Anaston Jeni wrote on social media, adding that the “Changed” songstress has said “demeaning, disrespectful, and said outrageous things” about how she co-parents with Robinson.

Robinson, the founder of JR Law Group, promptly defended his then-fiancée, stating that she had been “an exceptional mother” who showered his children with affection.

Prior to accepting Robinson’s proposal, Braxton was romantically involved with entrepreneur David Adefeso and had a breakdown. Their tumultuous breakup came in 2020 after two years of dating.

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