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Goddess Revelations:

There was never any point of you trying to be with a normal man, a man who didn’t pay your bills, a man who doesn’t want to give you the world RIGHT NOW, or a man who didn’t understand your business structure.  How were you supposed to exist alongside a man who didn’t take the time to get you and understand you.   Were you even being you?

Look how that worked out for you.


God Revelations:

There was never any point of you being with a woman you viewed as normal, didn’t desire to pay all of her bills, help her with her business, and give her the the world right now, because you love her so much you want to make all of her dreams come true. You’re either a good man or you’re not.  Being a good man means CHOOSING to show up as YOUR BEST in the lives of the women you want in your life.   You didn’t care about her? Well why would you waste her time love?  Have you decided what CHARACTER of a man you will be?

Don’t agree?

What many women don’t understand about men, is that he has to be willing to carry the burden of putting you on his back and running with you, because your presence makes him feel just that powerful. That’s the mindset of a FREE abundant man.

The average woman wants to make things easier on a man by financially bringing her half to the table.   You being a woman who makes her own money is supposed to be a bonus. He’s supposed to want you regardless of that.  If you are everything you are right now, minus the finances, would your man still think you’re the most amazing woman on the planet? Would you still believe yourself to be.

Be that woman, and then put the money on top as frosting.

I hope this helps someone heal.

The depth of this revelation of BEING started a year ago with an implantation by my friend/mentor Makhosi, a divine feminine Shaman.

the Royal Shaman Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

The Royal Shaman Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser – Real African Shaman

I have many coaches and I don’t always understand exactly what they’re telling me to the depth that I desire at the time they speak it. But eventually the revelation hits, then it hits deeper and deeper, until it’s ME.

To heal faster, simply RECEIVE it and stop trying to FIGURE IT OUT. Get your own personal Dream Life Manifestation workbook to begin to work through YOUR blocks.  These are YOUR blocks. You can’t blame your problems on anyone else.

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