50/50 Man – Vivica A. Fox Ended Her First Marriage Because She Was Paying All The Bills

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From my previous post, a few of my readers wanted to know what happened in Vivica Fox‘s marriage. So here we go.

In America and countries all throughout the world, many genuine women find themselves in 50/50 relationships. However some who are hungry for success find themselves in relationships that are even less than 50%. These women become the breadwinners and the financial bearers of their households that include a man.

This described Vivica Fox’s marriage once upon a time.

The 56-year-old movie star, who once dated rapper 50 Cent, and called him the love of her life, was married to Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest from 1998 to 2002.

During a recent interview with VladTv, Viv admitted her marriage to the singer started off on sinking sand. She wanted a fairytale wedding like all of the women around her, so she rushed things to make it happen.

“I did. I hate to say that,” she said. “Everyone was having their Cinderella day and I just wanted one too to be very honest with you. Why the marriage didn’t last a long time is ’cause I didn’t take the time to get to know him. I felt peer pressure.”

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Harvest’s lack of ambition lead to Vivica deciding she wanted out of the marriage. When Harvest’s group didn’t get the recording deal they were planning on, he didn’t pursue other opportunities with the ferocity she would have in her own career, and she wound up taking care of them both.

“He didn’t go out and then pursue things with the same drive that I had for my career,” she said. “You know, a woman doesn’t like paying all the bills all the time. I can only ask for help so many times before I had to come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be the breadwinner in this family. My mother didn’t raise me to take care of a man. And that was the deciding factor.”

Kissy's Thoughts

In my line of work as a Millionaire Matchmaker, I’ve encountered many women like Vivica. A lot of my content is focused on women like Vivica. The kind of woman who does not come to take from a man, but instead seeks to add to him. This is a highly underserved group of women. Although no one should feel sorry for them because they have the resources to get relationship coaching and femininity coaching. Most of them simply choose not to. The ones that do work with me get the healing and shifts they need in order to manifest a high value soulmate.

Many women assume that  woman is the problem, because she picks the same men. But the problem is much deeper than that. No matter what man a woman with masculine tendencies chooses, she is still the same woman in every relationship.