Cardi B. Gifts Offset With $2 Million For His Birthday

by | Celebrity LOVE

No matter how much he cheats, Offset is one man that gets to enjoy the cost of being with a boss chick.

The cost is substantially less than other relationships, cause boss chicks have their own money and give their man THE BEST GIFTS!

This year for his birthday Cardi B. gifted her wonderful husband, Offset, with $2 Million to help him start new businesses.

Offset appeared very happy in the video, smiling and dancing while holding the check.

Although the pricey bash took place on Tuesday, Offset’s actual birthday falls on Dec. 14

According to the internet, Cardi B. has a net worth of $40 Million.

In a video shared on social media, Cardi shared that she gifted the large sum of money because she knew Offset has “a lot of business ventures” in 2022.

Earlier in the night, the “I Like It” rapper shared a separate video on her Instagram Story, in which she revealed she also spent “100K in singles” for the night.

Kissy's Thoughts

I love Cardi B. She’s a real one. But ain’t no way I would gift a cheating azz husband with 2 nothing!!!!  This is the time to call up the BROKE sidechicks and ask what they got on it. Let’s just hope Offset doesn’t spend the $2 Million on a sidechick. 🤣

And if you say I’m hating, when I’m speaking the truth, I’m going to need you to unfollow me and come back when your brain cells are matured. In 2022, I am calling in my tribe!

Sidenote: Gentleman, this is why you don’t cheat on your boss chick. She can barely love you in public and do for you, without being clowned for it.  She’s then forced to pretend. That’s not cool. Love on your woman, be faithful. Let her be proud of you. That’s something that most women don’t have, no matter how much money they make.  They do not have an amazing FAITHFUL man.

Would you spend $2 Million on a cheating mate?