Most people are quick to talk about how love-making isn’t that good in their relationship… I’m not too familiar with that kind of stuff.

Being a unicorn we tend to attract sexually compatible partners because to the magnetic energy of the realm we decide in.

Now, even though the realm is HIGH VIBE, that doesn’t mean some good toxic d*ck can’t slip in and through you off.  All good d*ck isn’t good for you.

Toxic d*ck penetration, can leave a woman half-way smiling, thinking she’s being a good submissive woman, being down for her man, smarter than the rest and going with the plan; while everyone else is laughing at you and not with you.

❌ That plan could be being a clown 🤡 to get money inside of a business relationship.

Nothing wrong with that. Some people were born to be well paid clowns. 🤡

It’s important to accept people as they are.

❌ That plan could also trick you into believing you’ve done a bunch of wrongs.

Baby, you definitely took a wrong turn, somewhere back there.

But that direction you’re blaming is not the correct one.

❌ That plan could have you doing labor in a marriage that was supposed to add to your happiness and lighten the load.

That pressure to act st*pid or d*mb can feel kind of heavy.

✅ You might want to put that bag down.

🍫 Do people really know what to sign up for?

🔗 It could have you feeling like you need to carry a cross, and do hard LABOR, failing to remember that JESUS ALREADY MADE THE SACRIFICE. 👤

🔗 It could drain you, lower your self-esteem, and diminish your ability to trust, all while telling you that you should feel good to be with them.

Then have you on social media PRETENDING to have a good relationship.

🧐 That’s tough.

Then again, some people like having to be tough and strong. 💪

I know…. Here baby, smell these followers. 🌸

❤️ Can you imagine having passionate sex and making love to someone you fully trust?

Wouldn’t you rather have that?

……. 4 Mins later. You’re still thinking….

How long are you going to allow that good, toxic d*ck to keep you in a cycle of insanity?

Send me a message that start your journey of getting blessed to manifest a high value soulmate.

💜 Your value is out of this world. You need a magical soul to help you see things YOUR way.

Lord, help the narcissistic abusive souls and their willing victims.

How hard was it for you to let go of your first toxic situation?

Anyway. Have a blessed day and sign up for the mailing list.

Written with Love,
Kissy 🤍💖✨

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