It’s time we admit that all black men are not good men. Very Few Value women

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The funny thing about speaking the truth is that people will ASSUME you don’t like black men. Black women love black men. But that doesn’t mean that black men love them back.

With Megan the Stallion being shot by Tory Lanez and even the Empire star being arrested for beating his wife for hours, are we still supposed to continue this storyline that all black men are good men?

Are we supposed to continue hiding it and allowing women to suffer in silence, pretending like we don’t know?

👆 Should we continue to let the 5 good black men speak and act like all men are just like them?

👆  Should we continue to pretend that black women aren’t in DEEP PAIN, from simply loving black men?

👆  Should we keep pretending that black men actually VALUE black women?

Cause here are some facts that I know that happen in THE REAL WORLD.

1. Most black men take A LOT of pride in shuffling through multiple women, saying women aren’t a big deal, and wasting the first half of their life away chasing SEX. They chase sex so much, that some will say things like “Men don’t take badd chicks serious.”

2. Beautiful Black women stay dating unattractive black men who ain’t models, and don’t take great care or pride in their own appearance, then you wonder why he doesn’t value you.

3. You feel sorry for him due to the oppression that society places on him. Yet you don’t take note of what he does to himself by decided to CHASE WOMEN, and not value the sanctity of marriage.

4. These dudes can’t even afford to provide, because they are too busy chasing multiple women, trying to figure out how to get over. N*ggas be thinking they are so phucking smart, not noticing society and the powers that be been playing them like a puppet since day one with the rap videos with scantily clad EXOTIC women. And when a black woman is present, her greasest seven in the video is usually TWERKING. These men have been pimped for their phucking brains and souls and think the black women are the dumb ones. They’ve been taken for a ride to delay their own wealth, and they were the captain the whole time.

❤️ Black women sometimes aren’t badd women. Most people can’t even imagine the odds of 9/10 men literally being a terrible person, but swearing they are a good man because the are honest about not wanting anything real with you, and maybe they took you to Popeyes for a chicken sandwich.

Black women are in pain, and it’s the ones who try to silence their voices who are responsible.

Instead of telling women they are not good enough to get a rich, 6’2″ black man who is charming and knows how to treat a woman, start telling black men that they ain’t sh*t unless they pay bills.

You want to change the world? Well honey only THE TRUTH shall set the world free.

No black man should be in a woman’s face, f*cking her, taxing her energy FOR FREE, and having the nerve to talk sh*t about her. But that’s what they do.

Black women get devalued because they refuse to value themselves enough to get the best of the best men.

In her mind, she just HAS TO settle for LESS than the best, because black men told her she’s not good enough.

That’s why these negroes be so confused with my confidence. They are literally BOTHERED by a woman fully loving herself and feeling WORTHY.

How insane is that. But nobody wants to hear these truths. So go ahead, keep the lies going, keep women suffering and help keep most of the race in poverty with lies and b.s that don’t lead to legacy, love, nor wealth.

And lets keep letting the black men who are also SINGLE, and telling women that because she has a few kids she’s unworthy of a good man, lets keep letting them lead. Lets keep letting women pay these men to lead them away from God’s word.

Let’s just keep all of the b.s. going so that the race goes no where.

In many ways, the best thing a good black woman can do for herself is opt out the whole race.

Cause don’t forget how much women outside of my tribe and a few others hate each other. Most women in general are HIGHLY triggered by a good looking woman who loves herself.

Society has set the bar so low for women, that a Goddess is foreign.

Black women need to realize that you are going up against bullets with these dudes. The only way you’re going to win, is if you value yourself HIGH AF, the way you always wanted to anyway, until you let some 50/50 or abusive man talk you out of your worth, so that he could keep you DOWN on his level of worth.

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