Share This So That Men Learn How To Treat A Queen

by | Love & Relationships

#MEN: What’s the best advice you have been given about women?

If it didn’t include: ” Provide for her. Love her as God would. Don’t let her run over you. Open doors for her. Pull out chairs for her, encourage her, memorize her likes, spend quality time with her, give her your attention, Appreciate her, Take her nice places, feed her, make love to her mind and not just her body, don’t embarrass her and make her feel stupid for loving you, and speak to the Queen in her,” then you weren’t given good advice.

Chances are when you saw this question, and you’re a single man, you thought of something negative. Because you were told negative things about women, handed down from single mothers and men who didn’t treat women well. You were taught how to diminish a woman and lower her self-esteem.

Some of you men will literally ask for $5 to pay for something, and a woman gives you a $20, and you put the change in your pocket.

Now, right now all of the good men are like “WTF is she talking about?” That’s a shocker to their system. Cause they can’t believe such bad men exist.

Negative advice does nothing to nurture healthy relationships. At some point you should desire to fill your mind with information on how to keep your mate happy. THAT is more beneficial to you, because it will cause YOU to grow.

Everyone wants love. Some just don’t know how to go about getting it because they don’t know how to first BE an embodiment of divine love. Remember a woman in an INVESTMENT. You have to put things into her in order to get things out of her. Your penis should not be the only thing going into her. Chances are, you don’t have a good woman, because you don’t know how to treat a good woman.

LADIES: It’s not up to you to feel bad for men who don’t know how to treat you. He is not going to show you gratitude for putting up with being treated less than. Instead he will continue to mistreat you, while complaining about you. Love yourself enough to deal with a man who adores you and SHOWS it every day.

The model in the photo is Ayisha Diaz. It would’ve taken me 3 hours to produce my own photo.