Saweetie Reveals Why Relationship With Men With Money Like Lil Baby Don’t Work Out

by | Celebrity LOVE

Saweetie told the world she would show you how to get an 8 Figure N*gga.  We haven’t seen 8 yet, but she definitely has these 7 Figure dudes lined up, and that’s good enough.

But how is that working out for the super star?    Her Ex Quavo bought her a custom Icy Blue Bentley before a very public breakup. Then she moved on to Lil Baby who was spotted spending $100K on Saweetie during a shopping spree at the Chanel store in New York.

Recently through her post, Saweetie revealed that the relationships with people with money, may not always work out.

“You either got time or money, can’t have em both. N***a with money, dont have no time. N***a with time, dont have no money. We don’t have a lot of time around here cause time is money,” the Tap In rapper told her Instagram followers.

Kissy's Thoughts

Saweetie’s last partner, rapper Quavo, notably has a lot of money. It is still not clear if Saweetie is dating Lil Baby for real. The couple has yet to confirm their relationship status.

While the statement is popular, this is not true. I’ve dated men who make a lot of money and they always made time for me. I also make time for men who invest in me.  I won’t take time off from work for men who aren’t invested.  The truth is people make time for what and who is important to them. But oftentimes entrepreneurs don’t know how to balance their work life and their love life.

We will see how this works out for Saweetie. If Lil Baby is smart, he will make time. Saweetie is a good look for him.  Either way, Saweetie already has money. What she’s really seeking is real love.