How To Relax In Your Femininity & Let Money To Flow To You

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I was working hard, and found myself getting tired. 

I went to get hot chocolate. 🍫 The machine was out.  So I grab a hot steaming cup of Chai Tea Instead. Drink that, chill outside, relaxing. Posted a story or 2. Thought about going back to work. Then suddenly I just got up and left. 

On the elevator down, there was some hot chocolate on the elevator with his cute little doggie. 

I wasn’t fully dressed. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyways, now I am here. We’ll try again tomorrow. 

Tabla Indian Restaraunt Buckhead Atlanta Pharr Road Peachtree kissy denise

Anyways that revelation you want. 

So busy working that you have no time to sit, think and see clearly. Living in the wrong world. 

It’s what many do, when you have no time to spend with God. 😭

Now why would you do that to you? Working has never been your problem. 

Resting is….

Resting in your femininity 

If you rested in that, you wouldn’t have to work so hard. Maybe YOU weren’t created to work hard. 

How much more successful do you feel or believe you need to become before you can rest and stop doing it all? 

Like literally, you’re already doing all of the things, except the thing of choosing to receive the thing now. 

What would it feel like to be supremely rested and working from a place of pure ease, joy, sophistication and wealth that flows to you continuously while you are asleep, constantly filling your bank account??