The Reason Candice Owens Is Winning is Because She Has A White Husband

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I be ranting and raving sometimes…. Today is one of those days. But honey read every piece, cause it’s going to give you a glorious, hallelujah, breakthrough.

The reason why Candice Owens is running sh*t, is because she has a white man behind her who tells her that she’s ENOUGH. She hates black men because they told her she wasn’t good enough.   She’s not being laughed at in the media because her husband Offset got caught up with yet another chick….  Black men be making powerful boss chicks look like clowns.

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When Jay cheated on Beyonce, b*tches couldn’t wait to try to subtract points from her….

Black men tend to tell black women that they aren’t enough and that they need to work harder. They be like “How much money are you making? You rich yet? “ Black women fall right into it and work harder to prove themselves.

Meanwhile, the Kardashians have full on FEMININE empires and they are having FUN and creating DRAMA storylines, with black men, cause they know black men will bring the messy relationship drama and cheating storylines, that SELL.

Nobody pimps black men like the Kardashians. 

White men be like “Babygirl. Fall back. Stop working so hard. Raise your prices. HERE IS HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.”

A black woman can be glorious AF, and black men won’t see it. Often times they slow their woman down.

Black men chase flesh. They chase the MULTITUDES of fish in the sea. 🐠

Now let me add another dose of honesty. How many damn mermaids are in the phucking sea? Like 3.

I’m a whole damn mermaid.


It seems like everytime I see black women supremely winning these days, they either have a rich black man behind them or a white man who believes in them.  These women are backed by HIGHLY INVESTED men. Men who are invested in their ADVANCEMENT on the earth realm.

Now, all y’all n*ggas get in line to tell me how wrong I AM.

I say N*GGAS, cause I’m definitely NOT talking to black men. There is a difference.  I refuse to let these n*ggas, talk to me like I’m some azz twerking chick. I can’t twerk my azz, (i try.. i might get a pole to learn) but I for sure twerk these books like a beast, and won’t be disrespected.

So, get in line to tell me that I’m not good enough, even though I’m the coldest b*tch you ever seen play the game of KNOWLEDGE!

✅ Ya girl wanna be like me.
✅ Ya favorite influencer wants to be like me.

❌ But these n*ggas is sleep yo. 🎤

(How it be when you REALLY speak YOUR HIGHEST TRUTH)

It takes money to make money, and the one thing I’ve learned about money, is that it’s IN YOU, not on you. 💯

Money is energy. It’s deeply caught up in your belief system.  You need to believe in your ABILITY to manifest money without actually working hard…. (Yeah, I know. WTF)

I absolutely love black men. That’s how I got broken-hearted. Dealing with black men who subtracted from me instead of adding to me.  Most black men even when a black woman has broken their heart, he really can’t say that she TOOK from him. Cause the truth is, she simply didn’t give AF about him and he didn’t give that much. Plus, basic b*tches rarely ever care about brilliant men. 💡

Anyway, I went out with a white man a few weeks ago. That man told me that my genes are so dope and that I’m so brilliant I need to have another baby and run for President. 🤣  he said YOU MUST SHARE YOUR GENES with someone.

Bro thought I was Beyoncé and said he wondered if Jay Z was going to come busting through the door. 🤣 Real Talk.

Truth be told, I didn’t feel like my appearance was on 100 that day. But heck, he did! 💯

He said he wasn’t into life coaches, but after I asked him a few questions about his life, and he started crying at the table; he said that he could totally see why I’m such a good life coach. He said I was going to change the world. Yo, this man was so amped about me, that he was kind of LOUD, and the restaurant patrons in the steakhouse who sat near us could hear everything he said. When he went to the men’s room, they started inquiring about who I WAS, and basically how loud and rude he was. 🤣  (He was loud and rude, because he whined that I wasn’t paying him enough attention on the date. (Yes, I could make an excuse for him. But I didn’t.)

Needless to say, I had 2 full glasses of wine on that date.  I forgot what kind, but it was amazing.  I added that wine to my list that I have somewhere.

Anyway, as to his rudeness, I decided to check him like a feminine woman…. Hence the eventual build up of the self-reflection of tears. (Men are no match for divine feminine women. 😉 ) After that he was good, and took me to the pastry shop to buy me a store full of desserts, because I didn’t like the dessert I ordered at the restaurant. He throughly decided to be a good boy and do what pleases me.

That man was riding on cloud 99 after being around me.  He asked me out on another date, but I was uninterested. I see signs fast, and knew that his temperament wasn’t stable enough not be my King.  A King has to know to not try the Queen.

What I noticed though is that I tend to attract non-black men who think I’m the most amazing woman on the planet.

high value dating make men fall in love_n

What I also noticed about myself is that in the HISTORY of my life, I’d never chosen to become interested in those men. Somehow I would fall in love with a black man, knowing that he wouldn’t  think that I’m super fabulous. I literally signed up for hard work. 😭

Last week, I went  out with a black man. 7 people in the restaurant told me that I looked good. But he never complimented me on my 3-Hours of preparing to look good for him. WHY? Cause “He’s used to being around pretty women.“ Pretty women are no big thing. He likes being about PRETTY BOSS CHICKS WHO MAKE BOSS MOVES.” But I guess, at least he paid for dinner though. 🤷🏼‍♀️

No appreciation for my package. Yet wants to BASK in my DIVINE ENERGY and BEAUTIFUL PRESENCE. (Now I know where to file him at. ✅ Once again. It’s not in the King’s spot.) Not to mention he complained that women weren’t that smart. Now, smart dope woman sits in front of him.

What does he do with that opportunity?

That ninja fumbled the ball.

But back to the white guy. He talked about me so dope, that I didn’t even tell anyone. Heck, I barely believed that a man thought I was that damn amazing….. Afterall, I’ve gotten accustomed to being told I’m not enough, and then looking at such man as not too bright. 👁

I love black men. I’m just telling the truth. What keeps me going is that I DO have amazing black men as friends. But through them I also know that black women have to heal WAY more than they realize. Those men are so healed that honestly, most women actually don’t measure up. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Common probably isn’t a good example, cause lawd knows that fine azz, divine azz man will date anybody, as long as she’s at the top of her field and getting money. That’s his type….. Common is so damn dope, that Tiffany done took her wig off child.

Bald definitely doesn’t look good on Tiff, but that’s neither here or there.  Because I personally heard a man who chases pussy prints so that Tiffany is absolutely GORGEOUS bald.  But I also know THAT man has no value for PHYSICAL BEAUTY, while always chasing it.  Yet, somehow Tiff cutting off all of her hair, caused him to see her LIGHT.

If you don’t have my books in 2020, you’re getting left behind. Because life isn’t about taking what you can get. It’s about GETTING WHAT YOU WANT. 🔮

For that, you must see things AS THEY ARE so that you may navigate your belief system as get things to manifest as you would like them to be.

Brilliant black men vibrate at a SUPER HIGH frequency.


So, Labor Day weekend was cracking in Vegas. I had a good time, and decided to take my show on the road a little.  My best friend in the whole wide world came to town, and SHE shut it down. I would say WE shut it down, but I honestly worked half of the weekend, getting ready to launch my new make-up line “Kissed By Kissy – A collection for boss chicks.” And you know I gots to bring the heat to anything I do.

She asks me to meet her at the New York, New York, casino on the strip so she can play craps.  I like craps, but for some reason I rarely ever pay attention to HOW to actually play the game and win. I just bet on Snakes Eyes, Yo, crazy bets and somehow manage to win.   Anyway, she gets there and pulls out $2,500 to get chips.  Then she runs off to the bathroom.  I’m there when this black guy who’d been eyeing me, walks up to the table, pulls out a few stacks and gets chips.  He starts betting like $1,000 a roll.  Then he asked me if I wanted to come over on his side of the table and play with him. I said NO.   He keeps rolling. My friend comes back and she starts rolling.  She tells me what number she wants, I agree and she hits it 3 times in a row. (We’re both earth angels.)

Anyway, the black guy won’t give up. He asks me to come on his side again.  Phuck It. I’m not doing anything. I go.  He’s about 6″3″, really cute, has dreadlocks, but you can’t see his whole face, because he has a black mask on.  He goes “Do you not like black men? Why are you looking at me like I’m a broke azz n*gga!” 🤣  I told him that I liked black men. I didn’t tell him that I LOVE black men. After all, that’s like a badge of getting brutalized these days….. Not very honorable.

He’s asking me if me and my friend will hang out with him. I say “I’ll think about it.” He then gives me $1,000 “for my time.”


This thuglife LOOKING man was such a gentleman. It was so peculiar. He really wanted me to hang out with him. But I told him I was busy. I told him my friend may want to hang out. I thought they actually may click.  So, at first he’s not wanting to talk to her. Then he finally goes.  She was off the chain, in total boss chick mode, throwing numbers.  Her chips were going down. He pulls up money and re-ups on chips.  He handed her $500.  They played and that was that.

That man wouldn’t give his name. Said he did “construction,” and then later came back and gave me more money, just because.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m quite accustomed to white men handing me money and chips when I’m on the table. But my friend is used to BLACK MEN hanging her money and chips when she’s at the table.  NEITHER of us were accustomed to a young, tall, fine azz, charming azz black men breaking bread on the table, without wanting anything or being disrespectful.  That man had VALUE for us off top.

Our earth identities are total b.s.    Anytime I feel like I’ve found a “proper way to judge,” lo and behold, someone pops up to show me otherwise.

Lately black men been serving me some SWEET lessons. Some black men really do come to rob, steal and kill your soul. A lot of us know this. We have become afraid of black men. It’s black men who’ve hit me. It’s black men who spy on me. It’s black men online who try to tear me down. It’s black men who’ve broken my heart. 

But it’s also black men who’ve stepped up to help me heal. 😭

I know so many amazing black men, that I can’t even imagine what my life would’ve been like had I met them earlier. But I am going to find out. 

The only way to get access to the kind of black man you seek is to get on his frequency. This book will put you on the frequency of a King. Cause the only way to manifest him is to go through YOURSELF.

Yet this comes as no surprise. I myself am a walking, talking, contradiction.  They say you can’t have both beauty and brains…. Enters Kissy.

My entire point of this blog is to get you to see that JUDGING people is the most pointless thing you could ever do to yourself.  Everyone is all just reflections of your own God level of consciousness. They are showing you things about yourself.

Instead of judging me based upon them being white, black or purple, instead judge men on their CHARACTER.

Here are the top 3 Character traits that a black boss chick needs to look for in a man:

But, first before I do, let me put it to you straight to you with no chaser. B*tch! You are a boss Chick! You came to get the BAG. You can NOT do it by yourself. Stop expecting yourself to, while entertaining men who don’t add to the bag.


  2. 2. Is he investing in you cause he’s a trick who thinks he’s getting over on you, or does he actually believe in you?
  3. You need to ask these ninjas, what do they have on your dreams and goals? $5 ain’t enough.
  4. What is his character like? Is he a pussy print chaser, or is he a legacy chaser?  Some men are a combination of both. Those men don’t know true VALUE, and don’t know when to go all in. They get caught up in the CHASE….. A chase like a cat chasing its tail…
  5. Silly men don’t commit.>
  6. How does he talk to you?  How does he see you? Does he see you bigger than you see yourself?  You actually need him to do so. Otherwise he’ll be too busy focus on your perceived limitations, instead of noticing how to jump in, invest, and move you forward.

In this game of life, there are levels.  Those who follow me are either Gods or Goddesses.  What I’ve learned about Gods is that they grant the wishes of Goddesses. Because if they do, she will EMOTIONALLY INVEST IN THE VISIONS OF HIS DREAMS, and it shall manifest into fruition.

Men won’t invest in you, when you’re giving them attention for FREE.  You think they’d be smart. But they’re not. SNS.

You need to build a fortress around yourself. Build a castle with a moat.   All the men who don’t pay bills fall into the moat. The men who pay bills can cross the bridge.  The men who pay bills and have good character can come through the door.  But only the King who invests his all, and gives you everything, can be seated next to you.

Move color out of the way.  Stop looking at black men as black. Because it makes you cut him too much slack for his b.s. and slows you down from getting what you want.

If he’s a God, and he wants to be with you, he will say YES to you.

Gods say yes or later. They never say no, unless they simply don’t want you.

So ask and YOU SHALL RECEIVE or he can move TF ON!

Stop playing Bingo Sis. Ain’t no mo free mthkn spaces in your life.  This ain’t fake azz monopoly and there is money under free parking.  Stop letting these men park in your life for free. Look at all men who don’t hand you money, like they ain’t sh*t. Cause they’re not. PERIODT.

The game of life is a BUSINESS VIDEO GAME.  You’ll never be the winning woman, if you’re surrounded by low level men who don’t INVEST  in you.

(And to any man who knows me and reads my blog. Yo, get the phuck out of my way – If you didn’t come to play to win, don’t think you’re going to stop my glory.  Don’t step to me on some clown sh*t, and think I won’t see it. I’m not sugar coating my writing for you. Either step and be talked about like a KING or get talked about like a CLOWN. It’s your choice. Just don’t act like you weren’t warned.  Kissy doesn’t respect clowns. She respects KINGS. My MISSION is more important that ANY B.S. azz man who sits in my face, and can’t see my glory.)