Of course people take you for granted. You take yourself for granted.
That’s what I said to myself today, when this memory popped in my Facebook feed from a year ago.
I saw that I had 293 followers to a page that now has over 13,000 followers.
I get followers like it’s nothing. Getting followers is the easiest thing in the world for me to do.
But my how little appreciation I had for myself and that SKILL. 
Some people say that followers don’t make you money. They do. You just have to know what to sell to them or feed them.
Followers are definitely a brand essential. But you honestly don’t need them until AFTER you have a successful business. Yet you can gain followers as you build a successful business.
Either way, up until today I didn’t appreciate my ability to get hundreds of thousands of followers.
My instagram account is nearing 100K followers and I barely even put in effort.
I’ve been through stages of my life where the internet wasn’t exactly real to me. Like I never felt the love was real or genuine so I never catered to it towards my ego.
Yet, I’ve shown up each and every day for years, inspiring people, motivating people, healing people, teaching people how to attract love, be love, how to get closer to God, and even how to get money.
I’ve poured a rich amount of love into the internet and I’ve reaped financial reward and branding benefit.
But there is the other side of the internet where you realize these people are not your friends. There is no loyalty. People like you when they like you, and they don’t like you when you say things they don’t like.
Thats the way it goes.
Anyway, in my lifetime many people have taken me for granted, or thought me to be a stupid silly girl because I love people, believe in them and give them chances to redeem themselves.
Godly people often have a hard time in this world. But it does get better. It gets better not only when you stop caring about what people think of you, but also stop caring so much about people.
You do your job of speaking the message. Don’t take sides. The only side you ever need to take is God’s side and speak from there.
People on this earth are so mean, callous and uncaring that they will literally drain you and stop you from doing your purpose work if you let them.
In other ways, people are blind. Like the way I was. Blind to the love that so many people online genuinely do show me.
I am so much love, so much light, so much beauty , so much God and so much brilliance and fun, that I attract millions of people to my content on a monthly basis.
I reach millions of people, but have a little over 600,000 social media followers.
My own level of lack of gratitude was ginormous. But it’s even deeper than that.
It came from me not truly wanting to win. I set out to be a millionaire. I didn’t care if I was in the background unknown.
But God wasn’t going to let me go that way. He knew what way was best for me.
God wanted me to rise, heal, claim my divinity and truly be me. He wanted me to be hungry to make BILLIONS. He wanted me to step my game up.
So when you ask God for something and he doesn’t deliver, perhaps you’re not thinking big enough. Perhaps you lack gratitude for what you already have.
Perhaps you lack gratitude for who you are and who God called you to be.
Look around you love. The way people treat you is quite often a reflection of the way you treat yourself.
Written With Love,
Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation
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Sidenote: After I posted this story, I went back and actually READ what the guy said in the comment. I realized how much I’ve grown in no longer focusing on unleveling people with impoverished, diminished mindsets.
I chose to stop focus on wealthy men. As when I focus on wealthy men, I mostly have positive things to say. I’ve learned to focus on things that make me happy.  It’s not my job to teach poor men. My job is to match high value men with high value women.  Something else that I didn’t have gratitude for. I never had to deal with low level men.