Relationship & Love Coaching For Brilliant, High Performing Entrepreneurs


One hour consultation for those who seek to heal, manifest a soulmate, level up in love, improve your current relationship, and develop a deeper more loving connection with YOURSELF.

Kissy Denise Soulmate Coach

Relationship problems are due to lack of knowledge, awareness of self, and communication failures.

Divorce can be quite expensive, and starting over new can be quite tiring. Sometimes the grass really isn't greener on the other side.

Are you watering your current grass properly?  Before you blame your spouse for the demise of the relationship, be sure to look and see what you are doing to cause the problems.

LOVE isn't about being RIGHT. It's about compassion and understanding.

When you heal your own trauma you will notice your relationships and business improve. When you're honest and gain clarity about what you truly want and feel worthy of it, it manifests for you.

Kissy gives enlightened dating advice for those who truly seek to get this love thing right.

You will have the opportunity to see life from a new perspective, improve your energetic frequency and begin to attract THE BEST of the opposite sex.

After payment, you will be sent a link to book your session.

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