Niecy Nash Divorced Her Husband, and got married to a WOMAN

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For 8-years, actress Niecy Nash aka Carol Denise was married to Jay Tucker, an electrical engineer.   The two seemed to have a beautiful relationship.

Neicy Nash Divorce

She was previously married to Don Nash.

In October of 2019, Jay and Niecy announced their breakup.In December of 2019, Nash announced that she was getting a divorce.

As to the reason for their breakup?  According to the Daily Mail, Niecy got a full body make-over and started feeling herself.  Her hubby didn’t like her steamy sex scenes on the show CLAWS, and they also didn’t live in the same city.

Niecy went through a lot of pain concerning her pending divorce.  Her friend Oprah Winfrey once asked her who was she without a man.  That question lead Niecy to deep dive into who she is and remove herself from the expectations of her fans and family members who told her “You are nothing without a man. Get one and keep one, rather he is blind, cripple or crazy.” She was told that having a man will validate you.

Niecy Nash Divorce

Niecy Nash divorced her husband and got married to a woman.

At the end of her break-up an inside source told the Daily Mail something pretty interesting.

The insider said: ‘Niecy treated Jay like an American Express card, she never left home without him. She loved doting on her husband and bragging about how she had a man.

‘She would talk so much about her relationship and how she knew how to keep a man happy, when her relationship started to crumble it was embarrassing to her.’

Neicy Nash Instagram

Neicy Nash instagram

Still, the source didn’t think Nash will stay single for long, explaining: ‘Niecy loves love and she loves being married. So don’t expect much grass to grow under her feet.

‘I’m certain she’ll be declaring that the third time is the charm and talking marriage again sometime in the near future.’

Welp! Niecy did so much inner work on herself, that she opted out from the entire male species.

Today Nash came out of the closet announced that she’s now married to a woman. 

Jessica actually sang out Niecy’s prior wedding……..


Kissy's Thoughts

Having a man does validate you. It doesn’t matter if he’s a good man or a bad one. Society validates women based upon if they have a man or not. They talk down about any woman who is not in a relationship, and as long as you stay in a relationship, people assume that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to LOVE.    Which means most women barely give themselves a chance to breathe before they hop into another relationship.

As to the steamy sex scenes Nash did with other men: they obviously didn’t mean much to Niecy, because clearly, she married a woman.

Chile! That healing was quick!  And unlike other celebrity women who get taken to the cleaners by their ex husband, Nash only had to pay her hubby $184,820.