I never in my life thought I would have so much fun, talking to men who love God

by | The Life of Kissy

This isn’t a blog, it’s more like a ramble.

I never in my life, thought I would have so much fun talking to men who love God.

Talking to men who love God will resuscitate your hormones, your bank account, your femininity, your hope, your joy and even your wet vagina.  At least that’s what happens when you talk to the brilliant ones.

Growing up going to church, you meet a lot of church men.  They go to church, but they ain’t church when it comes to women.  They don’t protect or provide and most aren’t even faithful.  Forget about being intelligent enough to keep up with a brilliant woman.

Then one day, I decided to stop dumbing myself down online.  Since the inception of the internet, I realized that I was smarter than most people and in order to get along with them and run a highly profitable blog that I had to dumb myself down, because my real authentic opinion would either be ignored by the masses or catch a lot of flack.

In many ways, I still often do that on my Krime with Kissy page.  But on my personal page, I ain’t holding back. I let the truth be known.  And you know what happened? The truth showed up to talk back to me.

My thing is conscious relationships. Specifically soulmates.  I am such a huge vortex of love, that the people who followed my Facebook page still found their soulmates without even paying me.  That just goes to show my power, cause they could’ve paid a dating coach $16,000 and still not have attracted a soulmate.  The good thing is that people actually thanked me for it, and did not take it for granted.

The notice for coaches is to VALUE what it is you do. If you are on Facebook giving out knowledge for free, you won’t get paid.  People aren’t going to walk up to you and say “Here is $10,000. I found my soulmate from following you and tapping into your high vibration frequency and applying your advice.” Instead they get what they need from you and move on.

Anyway, back to these Godly men.  I am a sapiosexual. I love intelligence and brilliance in others. It’s such a turn-on to meet smart people.

However I have noticed that men who go to church may not necessarily be the kind of smart that I’m looking for.  Even the most conscious can sometimes not recognize the divinity of a Goddess when they see one.  I’ve had to learn that a man who can’t see me isn’t smart enough for me.   That was very difficult to do.  As women we often want men to be smarter than us, but an enlightened spiritual boss woman is often the top of the intelligence food chain.

Anyway, the enlightened or highly conscious men who are also brilliant and highly receptive to ELITE Goddess energy are phenomenal.   See some men prefer the basic Goddess who makes money, but she can’t get men to do anything for her. She does everything for herself. Total boss chick and THAT turns him on. The fact that he doesn’t have to do anything for her and that she’s going to pay her own way excites him and makes him want to charm her.  If he spends $5 on her, he can feel good about himself.  That’s not my type.

I keep meeting enlightened and conscious men who love God and PROVIDE for me.  This has helped me to tone down my own masculinity and call forth my femininity.  All women have both feminine and masculine. Even the most feminine woman will turn heavily masculine if she hangs around a bunch of 50/50 men. As you can’t trick a man into providing. It has to be in him.  It’s not in most men, which is why so many women are walking around in heavy masculine energy in order to protect and provide for themselves.

What I’ve learned about brilliant men who provide for a woman and aren’t out to partake in her body without first feeding into her, is that these men are gods.  I mean that in a literal sense.  We as women are not told that men are gods.  You mostly hear the word KING used in relation to a man, and any woman who calls herself a good woman has attempted to treat a man like a King at least once.  Chances are she got screwed over, because she wasn’t married to him and he didn’t provide for her.

One of the first sayings I heard about men was to speak life into a man.  It resonated with me, because it’s naturally what I do. (I get paid to do that now.)  I can take almost any man and pour love into him that causes more money to start coming his way.  Heck, I’ve done this for the women who’ve hired me too. I am a million dollar muse.

Being a muse is my most natural state of goddess energy. It allows me to be who God called me to be. I am called to radiate light and love into the world, in order to motivate people to aim higher.

But it’s been a mountain getting to this place.  What got me here safely, where I am never going back the other way is in all honesty, the men I’ve met on Facebook.  I stopped actually dating, in order to heal myself, and only allowed these men access to me.   When I want to talk about God and get a clearer understanding of a passage in the bible, I literally have 1 or 2 men who I can call and they will enlighten me.  They will give me depth and understanding 5 layers deep. Not to mention I do A LOT of reading and research. I understand God is ways most humans never will. But like I said, sometimes I’ve needed some help and those men have provided.

They’ve told me that I’m awesome, that I’m wonderful, that I’m powerful and that I’m doing great things. They do this on top of complimenting my beauty and raw sex appeal. Some of them randomly send me thousands of dollars.

Now I’ll admit that at first I was a bit ditzy, and I thought they all wanted to be my friend. So I was pushing all of the men in the friend zone and not really giving them a chance to date me.  Only  recently have I became aware of that block and will stop it.  However in my defense, I wanted to heal up before I got into a relationship. I needed space. Friendship was the only thing I could offer, until I got clarity on who I AM.

You see in order to truly win in life and Christ, you have to die in Christ. Your old identity literally dies.  My old identity was a boss chick. I GET MONEY.  I LOVE making money. I still do. But now I love RECEIVING money. Money doesn’t have to come through my business. It can come to me several other ways.  THIS is what masculine God Kings have taught me which has brought me closer to God and gave me a better understanding of God.

Through them God shows me that I am always protected and provided for, rather I have a business or not.  WHY? Because my business is my Father’s business. I do the work of God.

God Kings recognize stuff like that. They see a woman growing into her divinity and it actually turns them on. They RUN to such a woman. She’s a phenomenon. Especially one who isn’t rigid, stale and walking around sexually repressed.  You see when you unleash your divine feminine energy men can smell it on you from miles away. They love it.

When God Kings see you are heading that way, they actually hop in to help you get there.  It feels so good to be able to talk to men and just be myself. It feels good to be able to be sweet and charming, without dealing with men who feel like they are going to take advantage of my kindness.

It’s too much work dealing with other men who think I am stupid just because I decide to be sweet, submissive or surrender. I am far from dumb and i will give a n*gga the flux for playing with me. I will hurt his feelings like never before for trying me.  So when I tell you it feels good to be around men who simply don’t try me and LOVE me, and WATER me instead, I am telling you the good word.

At times sex can feel like a mundane duty in relationships. Especially when you’re dealing with a 50/50 man. But a man who provides for you allows you to actually enjoy sex. He takes the feeling of guilt away.  Most women feel guilty after having sex with a man, because she doesn’t realize society has tricked her into having sex for free. So instead of taking note that she feels grossed out after after letting a man nut in her for $0 bucks, she keeps doing the act over and over again.  After all, she WANTS to enjoy sex and she wants a man to feel FREE to access her body, without feeling like SHE is using him. Therefore he steps up to the plate and uses her.  She gets what she asked for.

I noticed the gross feeling as a teen and stopped. I took note that LOVE felt better while having sex. Casual sex can feel good, but it’s personally not good for my soul.

When you’re a brilliant enlightened woman, talking to brilliant enlightened men, the thing is when it comes to relationships you pretty much have the same thought process. It’s quite natural. You both understand the core of love and the feminine and masculine positions in relationships. Naturally you each play your part.  This gives you a connection that can not be faked or forged.   Which is why sex between such individuals is explosive. Sex is spiritual. When you have sex with someone who wants to feed into your soul and experience your soul, sex becomes mystic and healing. It doesn’t just feel good, but it DEEPLY feels good and sets your soul free. You start breathing more and even noticing the air you breathe.  You start to value human relationships on a deeper level and feel understood.

That’s all every human being on earth wants; is to be understood and to be valued. Many men will provide for a woman even if she doesn’t love him, as long as she values him and respects him.  That’s just how much men want to be understood.

However, men on my high frequency don’t have a lot of women to choose from. Not only that, but they’ve gotten so accustomed to not meeting women on their frequency that their dating habits are the same as boss chicks. Neither ultimately cares about relationships, cause they’ve previously been drained and are tired.  They move slow like molasses and by the time they make a move it’s too late.  I don’t care what anyone says, soulmates, once they SEE YOU, they know. They make moves.

The ones who will make a move fast, heavily judge women, and if a woman isn’t being vulnerable, he’s uninterested. By the time most women are vulnerable with him, it’s too late. He’s uninterested.

So even though these men are fabulous and such a delight to talk to, my luck is much better with men offline because they see what they want right in front of them and it’s a GO! They are pushing through delivering what a woman needs.   Women like me get soooooooooo bored with men who just TALK.

However I talked to men ALOT without engaging in sex. So, I am quite used to conversing with high frequency, high value, authentic, provider men.  For most of these men I am the first enlightened woman they’ve met, so it was a relief for them to be able to be their authentic self with a woman, without being judged.  So that’s the other trick. When enlightened people meet each other they are so happy that it can turn into a friendship.  Which is why I looked at them all as friends.  I’ve met too many soulmate connections and I know they move FAST. So being friends with a guy for 2 years, then suddenly he wants to date me, is not appealing to me, BECAUSE I specifically want to marry my soulmate.  After 2 years of being friends, that’s just him settling cause he couldn’t find better. If it were a soulmate connection, he wouldn’t went for it after talking to you a few times. IT’s really that simple. But as I said, previous 3D relationships make them move cautiously slow, which is only okay with low value women or women who also just want to date and have a great time.

Which is fine, cause even the the highly conscious, high value, high vibe men, who don’t love the bible, still heal you with their beautiful, warm energy.

It’s 2020. If I were a woman I would cut ties with any man who doesn’t provide. 50/50 men are the old life. Provider men are the new world order.  Your life will improve greatly by being around such men. That’s why women who are provided for are sooooo happy. I know you’re tired of walking in the Louis store buying your own bag, while you see a cute woman who has a man in there buying her multiple bags.

Want to know what’s even more fun? God Kings already know these things and DO these things for you.

I never knew that talking to men who loved God could be so exciting and enchanting.