I don’t think it’s smart to call brilliant, heart-centered people TOXIC

by | Love & Relationships

I don’t think it’s smart to called brilliant, heart-centered people TOXIC.
Are they cheating on you?
Are they hitting you?
Are they stealing from you?
Do they love you? What I realize about society and their need to describe everyone as TOXIC, is that they deny themselves of love.
Nope, people are absolutely not going to be perfect when you meet them. Especially not if you’re brilliant AND good looking.
Let’s just admit that most people are inferior to you. And when it comes to intelligence, people who are intelligent, but don’t quite have their looks together fail to realize that GOOD LOOKS outweigh their brilliance when the other person is both brilliant and attractive.
At other times brilliant people HATE when people don’t move as fast as them.
But personally, I’d rather someone who is willing to learn how to get it right, and doesn’t move as fast, vs, investing time with a person who obviously doesn’t care to get it right.
When it comes to LOVE, if you take the opinions of the outside world into that relationship with you, chances are you won’t develop that great relationship that you seek.
Date people who have these traits.
2. Perfectionsit
3. Desire To Get IT Right
4. They love you
5. You have strong feelings for them
The average person will spend years chasing someone who doesn’t’ care about them, while quickly dismissing someone who loves them and wants to get it right.