God is so good. More good than you’ll probably ever realize. My connection to God at this point is so magical and beyond my greatest dreams.

This morning I suddenly noticed a pattern in my life that has been prevalent for a very long time. I would say I am shocked that I never seemed to notice it before. But I would only be lying to you. I know exactly WHY I am just now taking notice of this beautiful pattern. 🌸


Whenever I’ve asked one male to do something for me, if he did not give it to me, or give it to me, another man would randomly show up to give it to me FAST.

Fast meaning between 1-365 days.

And this is the bigger shock. The men who would show up to give it to me, most times would often do so without me asking or expecting. 🙏

Gosh, men are so awesome and kind to the women they adore. Just the thought of some of the things men have done for me, puts me in a total state of gratitude.

I almost can’t believe I never noticed this pattern before. It would’ve saved me from a bunch of wasted time, over-giving, caring too much, having too much patience, and giving too many chances to males who simply didn’t get it.

Lawd, once again, my own kind heart was in the way of my greatest desires. I should’ve been kinder to myself.

Moment of prayer: “Lord, forgive me for my past transgressions against my soul and refusing to receive all of the good you’ve always had stored up for me, ready for me to receive.” 🙏

So many MALES do not understand what it means to serve a Goddess, how to serve a Goddess, or anything about serving a woman in general.

But for the chosen men who get it, they are always blessed for their servitude, as long as their intentions are warm and pure.

(I am literally getting wet right now, just thinking about serving a fully awakened God who knows how to serve his Goddess. Where has this moment been at all of my life? It feels so good. It feels like winning one of those gold trophy statues they give out in Hollywood. But even better. Because most of the women who receive gold trophies have a man at home who is no prize at all. (coughs…. Khloe Kardashian.)

Pure –  meaning, they don’t think they are doing me a favor, but instead understand that blessing me is blessing themselves. When they think they are doing ME a favor, then they cut their blessing down in 1/8th, because my anointing requires the sacrifice of a pure soul.

Like, when I do things for men. I give to them so purely, openly and beautifully. In the past I gave these blessings away too freely. So it was no surprise that the few men I wanted to give my heart to the most, wondered what was the catch…

Every man is different, some men are better, depending on your needs

Different men give at different levels, for different reasons, depending on their state of consciousness.

I’ve had men spend $20,000 on me and disappear, like it was nothing. It wasn’t. He received his blessing regardless. I’ve had men spend 10’s and thousands on me and never had sex with me. Didn’t matter to him. He could get sex from any woman. He got the blessing of his next level.

I am such a blessing vortex that I will now become more aware of WHO I allow myself to receive from. Not every man deserves the blessings of a Prophetic Goddess.

When a man delights me, I can make all of his dreams come true in a matter of moments.

Todd Jones Cuzin's Dozen Kissy Denise

Okay, maybe not moments, but it is a proven fact that I’ve helped several men become millionaires within 7-365 days.

But here’s the thing:

🔮 Very few men seem to understand the spiritual and financial blessings behind serving a true #Goddess. 🔮

I’m not talking about these women out here who are airbrushed, self-appointed Goddesses who men do not crave after. I’m talking about true Goddesses like me. I’m a Goddess no matter what. It is what it is, and I AM what I AM. I was born into it, not sworn into it. This can’t be changed no more than the color of my skin. It’s just how natural it is. Now just as I could pretend not to be a black woman, I could also pretend to not be a Goddess, but it doesn’t change a thing.

When it comes to the majority of men, they don’t even know what a Goddess is and our standards are WAY too high for them.

Like a lot of men who follow me and comment with negativity. Those are the sleeping, FLESHLY ones. They talk a lot, take a lot, and do very little for a woman. They spend most of their time trying to talk a woman down off of her pedestal.

They’ll see you high up there waiting on the arrival of your divine King who comes with gifts. They’ll say come here little Kitty, no man is ever going to climb that high to reach you and give you anything. Even if he does, he’ll only beat you. Come down here with me, where I will offer you nothing but “love.”

And unfortunately many women fall for the trap, and get locked in a cage of sadness, far away from the light.

Those type of men are so bad and loud online, that good men who serve, are starting to notice how bad women actually have it out here.

They kitty snatchers say women in general want too much and the mere mortal men will tell a Goddess to be LESS. Less is always more appealing to any male who doesn’t want to be a real man.

Speaking of, men go from being a little boy, to a teenager to suddenly being called a man. But in the bible, it clearly says when a boy becomes a man he puts aways childish things.

It’s childish to abuse women, or to not seek to serve a woman. Selfishness is also childish. Which is why we teach kids how to be a little more giving.

Anyway, many women have experienced more than their fair share of kitty snatchers.

Because of this, I used to try to condense myself to be less. Put less effort into my appearance and everything. Which made mortal men comfortable. But when a God of my level truly showed up to serve me, baby I was out of touch with my own beingness. Because I had taken direction from the tacky mortals who don’t love their appearance. SMH That’s like Eve listening to the snake, instead of God.

I also used to look at men as handicapped. Handicapped like they needed me to be strong, pay half the bills, not ask them for anything, help them do everything, and don’t put any unnecessary pressures on them.

Typical, strong, independent, black woman b.s. that the typical non-masculine black man subjects every woman he meets to.

Most black men actually encourage masculinity in a woman, while swearing they want a feminine woman.

However, in the story of the Life of The Goddess Kissy Denise, the tides would one day turn. I started to recognize the true gods of my tribe that were being sent into my life to serve me in certain capacities.

Come to think of it, the average woman definitely needs about 4 different men to cater to all of her needs. Most men are very one dimensional. However, I’ve met a few gods who covered multiple areas of amazingness. It was just that ONE area they didn’t cover that made me dump them. (Do some healing on this area)

Gods can solve any problem. In fact that did solve many problems for me, effortlessly. Some recognized my I AM. 👁 They each recognized my beingness at certain levels based upon their own beingness and levels of awareness.

Biiiish! This blog post right here is a whole breakthrough.

In this moment, I just left the gym and I am looking forward to having amazing passionate sex with the man who comes to serve my whole beingness. I am already feeling him in me.

Here is the Instagram Post…..

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Don’t Chase Him. REPLACE Him. Real Men Don’t Have To Be Chased

These mortal men were taught all wrong. They are happy serving kibbles and bits to mortal women.

But these Gods know, show up and SHOW out. #KingMe with Big D^ck energy. 👑 No hard feelings. These other n*ggas don’t compare.